Help your child at home

How to Help Your Child at Home!
1. Encourage your child to read for fun.
2. Read out loud to your child at home,
even if he/she is a good independent reader.
3. Check over homework with your child for completeness,
accuracy, and understanding.
4. Go over graded papers. If your child has any errors,
make it a learning experience by helping your youngster correct the errors.
5. Make sure your child is bringing home graded work frequently.
6. When unfinished work is brought home, please make sure this work
is completed and returned to school promptly.
7. Be sure to have your child study several days before tests.
Test dates should be written down in the
student's Agenda Book (assignment book.)
8. Check your child's Agenda Book nightly
and initial or sign at the bottom to
show you have seen the assignments listed.
9. Check your child's RDS for test grades 
that are posted frequently.
10. Make sure your child has all their
AR Points finished by each grading period.
11. Any questions you may have
please call or email your child's teacher.