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Successful Distance Learning

Student Habits for Successful Distance Learning

Adapted from Accredited Schools Online

These habits will help your child succeed in the distance learning environment.

  1. Work independently – Keep up with your work without teachers or classmates daily reminding you. Get answers to questions on your own because of the response delays that may occur after contacting a teacher. Know what assignments to work on by knowing when they are due.
  2. Manage your time – Order your assignments by thinking about the due date and amount of time you will need to complete it. Keep track of your own progress completing the assignments.
  3. Self-reflection – Take time to think about what you might need to adjust to be successful. Use feedback from your teachers; what you read, listen to, or watch; and what other students in your class are thinking and doing to make changes to your own thinking, learning, and routines.
  4. Give complete attention to what you are reading, listening to, or watching – Read, listen, or watch with effort and focus to understand and apply later. Re-read and playback as often as needed.
  5. Promise yourself to complete the work and then do it – Spend the time needed into your work and study to learn.
  6. Know when to take a break – Stay fresh. Take regular breaks. Arrange your day so you are not spending long periods of time working or at your computer.
  7. Take advantage of support services – Seek help when needed. Seek extra tutoring help from teachers, peers, parents. Seek support from your counselor or a trusted adult.
  8. Ask questions – Ask your teacher question(s). Include as much detail in your question, as possible, so that your teacher can provide a detailed answer.
  9. Be self-motivated – Take control of your learning. Be responsible for what you need. Advocate for yourself by speaking or acting respectfully in support of your needs. Ask lots of questions.
  10. Actively participate – Participate in discussions. Read, listen, or watch what others are saying and sharing. If necessary, take in information first and then share your thought, idea, or solution. Get the most out of the activity or experience.