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Pick up/Drop off Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Please make note of the following transportation guidelines... 
Walkers/Bike Riders: Students who walk or ride their bike to school can be picked up across the street on Wirtz Rd.  If your child is a walker/bike rider they will be dismissed to the crossing guards to cross the street.  Please refrain from crossing the street and picking up your child from the car rider area.
Bus Riders:  All bus riders will use our main horseshoe in the front of the school.  To find out your bus route information, click here.  You will obtain the bus number, closest stop, and stop time.  For any transportation questions please call 663-1465.
Car Riders:  All students being dropped off or picked up will use the East Lot on the side of the building.  Remember, please be patient as we work with our students exiting the building each day.  Please make sure to use the Car Rider Window Form.  In time you will find that it will go quickly.
***please refrain from using our lower west lot***
Thank you very much,
Mr. Ciochina