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Lunch Time Information from Our Cafeteria

Veggie of the Month

ZUCCHINI!! Students will have the opportunity to taste test zucchini during the month of September!  Zucchini is low in calories and contains useful amounts of folate, potassium and provitamin A!  Encourage your child to try some. 
Lunch Time Visitors

Each student is allowed to have one guest per monthRestaurant/fast food & sodas are not allowedParents may purchase lunch in the cafeteria, cost is $3.15. This cannot come off the student’s lunch card. Guests are asked to call the office a day or two ahead of time to make a reservation. 

Lunch Money

Please go online to deposit lunch money/send a check in a labeled envelope with student first & last name. Mealtime online passcode is the student ID.  Parents can find this number on the Parent RDS website, next to the student’s name on the schedule.  Parents will use this number to set up the account.  All students will receive a hot lunch regardless if the account is negative.  No charging of any extras will be allowed. 


2106/2017 School Breakfast Price 
Student Breakfast-$1.30
Adult Breakfast-$1.60
2016/2017 School Lunch Price
Middle School—$2.35
High School—$2.55


Did you bring your lunch, but need a drink?

Milk may be purchased, if you brought in a lunch from home, but you may not charge it.


 Birthday Treat Tickets

Birthday treats are always fun for your child to share with classmates.  You may choose to purchase $.75 birthday tickets for your child's class which will allow your child's classmates to select a special treat from our "birthday choices" at lunch!   Click here for more information and the birthday ticket form.


Heating up Lunches

Our cafeteria does not warm up food, cook food or wash dishes brought from home. If we tamper with the food it becomes the responsibility of the cafeteria. Please, if you are sending in hot food make sure it is in a thermos.


Would you like to Substitute in the Cafeteria?

If you would like to be a sub in food services please call Pam Maloney at 662-6480.  This is a great way to earn a little extra cash and be home with your children in the morning & afternoon.