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5/8: High School Update

Summer School

New Student Enrollment

Senior Celebrations


Cap & Gown Distribution

Graduation Requirements

AP Exams

Dual Credit

Summer School

2020 Summer School will be offered to CPHS students beginning on Monday, June 8, 2020 and continue for 6-weeks through Friday, July 17, 2020. Registration has begun. See this document for deatails on summer school and how to register.

New Student Enrollment

Please see the information here for new students who are enrolling Crown Point High School.

Senior Celebrations

  • The announcement that school buildings would be closed for the remainder of the year was a difficult one for many of our senior students.  Losing the opportunity to see their friends, teachers, and coaches was quite a blow.  While many events had to be cancelled, we are planning virtual events for the following senior celebrations:
    • Academic Laude Celebration
    • Military Recognition Day
    • Crown Point Community Foundation Scholarship Night
  • These events will be held virtually and we are currently working on specifics.  Students and families involved in these events will be provided details as soon as plans are solidified. 

Graduation Updated - 5/8/20

  • We are committed to doing everything we can to provide our seniors the experience of an in-person graduation ceremony.  This rite of passage is important, and we understand how meaningful it is to both students and families.  If Governor Holcomb’s plan for re-opening Indiana goes as planned and larger gatherings are allowed after July 4th, we will hold an in-person ceremony on Tuesday, July 21st.
  • As we look ahead, there all kinds of scenarios we may face with an in-person ceremony.  It may be modified in some ways (limited number of tickets sold, social distancing, etc.) and we may need to make some adjustments to our normal processes.  These potential adjustments will depend on the progress of Governor Holcomb’s plan as well as recommendations from local officials.  We will work closely with our district’s safety team as well as health experts to provide a safe experience.  As we move forward we will update you with the latest information and details about our graduation ceremony. 
  • We are also working on a virtual ceremony for our seniors that will be released this summer.  If the situation in Indiana or in Lake County does not go as planned and we are not allowed to have an in-person ceremony on July 21st, the virtual production would be the official graduation ceremony for the class of 2020.  If everything does go as planned, the class of 2020 will have an in-person ceremony as well as the virtual keepsake. 

Senior Cap and Gown Distribution

  • Senior caps and gowns will be delivered by Herff-Jones and can be picked up by seniors on Wednesday, May 13th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the CPHS bus lot. 
    • The process will be similar to drive-up food pickup and organized by alpha (see below).
      • A-E – 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
      • F-K – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
      • L-R – 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
      • S-Z – 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
    • Seniors will receive caps, gowns, graduation announcements, and a senior care package that includes a yard sign, class of 2020 t-shirt, and a class of 2020 magnet.  The yard sign is newly designed specifically for senior students.  The yard sign, t-shirt, and magnet are free.
    • NOTE:  Herff-Jones will only be passing out caps and gowns to students who have paid for their items.  If you have not paid, you can do so by following one of the steps below.
      • Call Herff-Jones at 574-583-3420 and pay with a credit card.
      • Go online and pay at
      • Mail a check or money order. 
    • If you have not ordered a cap and gown you can still do so.
      • You can call Herff-Jones at 574-583-3420.
      • You can go online at and click the graduation accessory button.
      • As we move closer to May 13th, more information will be emailed to senior parents with reminders on the procedures for cap and gown pickup.
  • Process
    • The distribution of items will take place in the Bus Lot on Burrell Street. Please enter the lot at the intersection of Burrell and Hemlock. Once you enter the lot, you will see Crown Point police officers as well as CPHS staff providing direction.
    • Herff-Jones will have a tent/canopy from which they will pass out senior items. Each student/family will drive to the tent and stop. Herff-Jones will provide the packages through the window of the car without anyone having to exit their vehicles.
    • Herff-Jones has requested that each car has a paper or piece of cardboard on their dashboard with the student’s name. This is similar to how some elementary schools handle after school pick up.
    • Once items are collected, you will have two options:
      • You can drive around the rear of the school, passing the tennis courts and baseball field, and head to the circle drive for a quick picture by the bulldog in front of the school. Once you take your picture, you would get back into your car and exit through the main exit (Main Street) or by the Fine Arts area to Burrell Street.
      • If you do not want a picture by the bulldog, once you receive your items you can simply exit the bus lot at the corner of Burrell and Hemlock.
    • CPHS administrators, counselors, and support staff will be on campus to greet and welcome students. School Resources Officers from CPHS, Taft, and Wheeler will also be on campus to greet students, direct traffic, and ensure that all social distancing regulations are being followed.
    • Please note that students and families are not allowed to get out of vehicles and gather during this process. Once items are collected and a picture is taken (if you choose to), we ask that all seniors and families exit the campus.
    • Thank you for all of your help and cooperation. We are hoping that this is a spirited day and we’re excited to see and greet our seniors.

Graduation Requirements and Credits

  • All seniors are considered “On Track for Graduating” if they have both passed all necessary credit classes prior to end of 3rd Quarter PLUS complete all high school credit classes that they are taking as of March 19, 2020
  • CPHS Counselors will be contacting seniors as to their status for achieving their graduation and specific diploma requirements
  • Distance Learning Summer School credit classes and credit recovery classes will be available for those seniors still needing additional credits for graduation

AP Exams

AP Testing Schedule has been announced.

AP Grant Winners Announced!

  • Our team of judges has completed their review of the AP Grant Applications
  • Starting on April 6th - Mr. Bauters will begin notifying winners by email.

AP Exam Fees should be paid through RDS by April 12th

Additional AP Exam Information:

AP Testing will still take place this year.  The exams are being modified by the College Board and will only include topics and skills most AP teachers and students have already covered in class by early March

  • Students will still earn their college credit for passing a modified AP Exam
  • Students will take their AP Exams from home

If you have any concern about testing from home or may not have reliable internet at home please reach out to Vince Bauters and he will help out.

Due to the interruption that corona-virus created to our classroom learning, if a student no longer wishes to take their exam they may cancel their exam without any penalty fee.

  • This only applies to students who cancel their exam after Friday March 13th
  • Students who canceled their exam before March 13th will still need to pay a $40 fee

Beginning on Wednesday March 25th all AP students were able access free resources and videos that will help them prepare for their AP Exam

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email Vince Bauters

Dual Credit

Our university partners understand that our learning environments can be extremely challenging as we deal with COVID-19. They have developed measures of latitude regarding grading and course enrollment procedures. Please see the Dual Credit: COVID-19 Upate information on CPHS's Guidance page.