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National Blue Ribbon School


Picture of Blue Ribbon Logo 2012

Congratulations to our entire MacArthur Team on being awarded the highest honor an American school can achieve, The National Blue Ribbon.  Who would have thought that after earning the prestigious Four Star School recognition last year that we would be able to top that, well our team did! 


What is the National Blue Ribbon Schools Award?  In 1981, then-Secretary of Education Terrell H. Bell commissioned a study of American education.  In his study he describes a rising tide of mediocre schools that threatened the nation’s future, so Secretary Bell created the National Blue Ribbon Schools Award to bring exemplary U.S. schools to public attention and to recognize those schools whose students thrived and excelled.  The award highlights outstanding models of American schools and school leadership.



Our MacArthur team is recognized because we were able to demonstrate  how data is interpreted and used and how curriculum, instruction, professional development and student support promote student success. 


It is a pleasure, privilege and honor to work in this school community and I could not be more proud of our accomplishment as a school family and team. 

A special thanks to each and every member of our team.  Each and every one of you plays an integral part in our success and we would not be where we are today; National Blue Ribbon School, if it wasn’t for your help and support.


Marian Buchko