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Fully Online Course Orientation

All students enrolled in one of the seven fully online courses at Crown Point High School for 2nd Semester 2020-2021 must complete the CP 2.0 Student Orientation Course that is on their Buzz home screen. Students need to be aware that there is a new module in that course that replaces the old mandatory meeting requirement. There are also new assignments in Module 2. So, all students need to check the CP 2.0 Student Orientation Course for new items and complete everything in that course. Their online course will show up in Buzz the morning after everything has received a passing grade.

This applies to anyone enrolled in these classes for 2nd semester:

  • Online Health
  • Online American Government
  • Online Economics
  • Online US History
  • Online English 12
  • Online Medical Terminology
  • Online Physical Education

Enrolled students and parents/guardians will also receive a copy of the relevant sections of the CPHS student handbook and specific directions for this semester via email; those same documents are part of the new Module 6 in the CP 2.0 Orientation Course.

If you have any questions, please email