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Parents and Distance Learning

The COVID-19 virus has disrupted daily life at many, if not all, levels. Families, work, provision, church, healthcare, child care, travel, entertainment, schooling are some of the areas affected. We don't always know what our students and their families [and us] are experiencing. Life is messy, plates are full, and patience and careful thought may be hard to access. Through it all, may we extend grace and forgiveness freely; it's OK to "let this one go.” During this time of uncertainty, the Crown Point Community School Corporation is committed to and concerned for the health and well-being of your children, our staff, and our community; we are in this together and will work with you to support your children.

Knowing learning from a distance is new to most of us; we will grow, we will get better, we will improve, and we will become more comfortable each day.  We may not be perfect right away and there will be some struggles; in the end I hope it will be an incredible learning experience for all of us.

The information attached is presented to support you and your child in the transition to distance learning.

All Sections - Parent and Distance Learning.pdf 

Introduction and Transition to Distance Learning.pdf 

Student Habits for Successful Distance Learning.pdf 

Parents and Distance Learning - Ways to Make It Work.pdf 

Chromebook Repair, Care, and Login.pdf 

Digital Citizenship.pdf 


Thank you, 

Jim Hardman

Crown Point Community School Corporation