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Chromebook Information

Chromebook Repair

  1. For Chromebooks that are broken or fail to work properly, click on and complete the Chromebook Repair Form.

You can bring in your damaged Chromebook f by appointment between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, Monday through Friday at the Administrative Service Center.

  1. For help with RDS Log-in problems or when clicking on the Buzz Button inside RDS complete the CPCSC Support Form.

If you are having issues with one of your individual courses on Buzz, please contact your teacher directly.

General Care of Chromebook

  1. Students are responsible for the care of the Chromebook.
  2. Protect the Chromebook at home and in transit by using a case that includes a thick foam pad or hard shell surrounding the computer to absorb impact caused by dropping while in use or transit.
  3. No food or drink is allowed next to your Chromebook while it is in use.
  4. Carefully and properly insert cords, cables, removable storage devices, and earphone jacks into appropriate ports on the Chromebook.
  5. When carrying the Chromebook:
  • Insert the Chromebook in the protective case, if you have one.
  • Close the screen and carry it close to your body. 
  • Be aware of others who are not aware of your presence or where horseplay may occur.
  1. Chromebooks should never be shoved or wedged into a small space as this may break the screen.
  2. Do not expose your Chromebook to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Extreme heat or cold may cause damage to the Chromebook.
  3. Always bring your Chromebook to room temperature prior to turning it on.

Username and Password Security

Password security is a vital part of keeping student accounts safe and protected at all times. Because anything done under your username appears to have been done by you, you should protect your password.

  1. Memorize your usernames and passwords or develop a system to store usernames and passwords only you can access.
  2. Do not give your username and password to any other person.
  3. Do not allow others to use your username and password. Any activity associated with your username (like visiting inappropriate websites) appears to have been done by you. 
  4. Do not allow others to use your accounts. 
  5. Hide your usernames and passwords. Do not post usernames and passwords on your Chromebook, or any other places visible to other friends.