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CPCSC Ambassador Program
superintendent talks with a student in precision machining classroom
community member smiles while asking a question about technology
community members practice following a teacher's instructions to 'air write'
community group listens to teacher explain machining tools and software
community members listen to presentation about technology
community members practice using a Chromebook
community group listens to auto shop teacher while car is lifted in shop
community member chats with student in shop class
group practices using Chromebooks
group watches robotics class

“I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. From the financials to watching all of the construction, seeing all the moving pieces it takes to make it all happen has been extremely eye opening. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for community members!”- Kate Rios, CP parent and ambassador

ambassador watches a student working on a machining lathe

CPHS student Ellie Friedman explains to ambassador Jenn Uren how students use lathes in Precision Machining. Teacher Brian Trapp explained to the group that these jobs are in high-demand, and most students in the course will be able to find employment when they graduate.

The CPCSC Ambassador Program is a seven-session behind-the-scenes look at our district. It is open to residents in the CPCSC boundaries who would like to learn more about our schools and what we do. Topics include finances, operations, curriculum and instruction, and student services. 

  • We ask that ambassadors commit to at least five of the seven sessions. Our staff and students help prepare these experiences, and it is important that they have the chance to share their hard work with you.

  • All experiences are on Wednesday mornings from 8-10 am (we also have breakfast!). Participants with elementary children can utilize our morning childcare program for free on the days the group meets.

  • Ambassadors are encouraged to become active attendees of district events in order to get to know our community of students, staff, and families. They will receive passes/tickets to a few extracurricular events, plays, or athletic games throughout the year.

  • Ambassadors are guests in our buildings and in our classrooms. They are required to follow all safety protocols. They cannot take photos of students or staff during their visit, and they must complete a background check.

Community members who are interested in joining the program must complete an application which is available each year in late July.

Session Descriptions

  • Breakfast and networking with other ambassadors and the administrative team.
  • Instructional specialists demonstrate ways technology is used in classrooms. Ambassadors are divided into three groups to see how technology enhances instruction but never replaces a teacher. 
  • Hands-on opportunities include using a Chromebook, navigating Buzz, using an interactive panel, and playing a round of Blooket.
  • Participants reflect and discuss the role of technology in the classroom during Q&A.
  • Ambassadors tour some of the industrial technology classrooms at CPHS. The automotive, engineering, construction, and machining classes use a variety of technical tools that prepare students for future careers. 
  • Students demonstrate tech for the ambassadors, and teachers provide an overview of courses.

Apply for the 2024-2025 cohort

Thank you for your interest in our ambassador program! The application for the 2024-2025 cohort is available until August 1, 2024 or once the program is full. 
two women working on a computer together. they are completing an activity students would normally do in class

Blended Instructional Design Specialist Susan Valentine shows ambassadors Jen Rosenbaum and Kristin Niemiec how teachers use Pear Deck in their classrooms. 

Ambassador Cohorts