What does our CAFE do for our children, parents, and staff?

    Thanks to your generous support we are able to provide funding for:
    *      Each teacher $200 to help purchase classroom and educational materials

    *      Principals, Teacher aides, custodians, cafeteria staff and school nurses receive a stipend to purchase items supporting teaching & learning and a robust school environment.

    *       Outdoor Learning Lab and the Winfield Picnic Shelter to enhance the learning environment for students.

    *     Provide prizes and certificates for classroom “Students of the Month” to help boost student confidence and morale.

    *      Pay the registration fees for Spell Bowl, Math Bowl, Science Olympiad, Geography Bowl, and National Elementary Honor Society.

    *      Provide Family Fun Nights by hosting family friendly events that the families of our students can enjoy.  The organization makes these events economical for families by subsidizing the programs.

    *      Pay for guest authors to visit the school and meet with students.

    *      Provide babysitting at all CAFE meetings so that parents can be involved and stay informed about upcoming events. 

    *      Orange juice and pencils are provided to students by the CAFE during ILEARN tests.

    *      Red Ribbon Week is funded and staffed by the CAFE.  The program educates students about the dangers of drug use and encourages them to stay drug-free.

    *      The memorable 5th Grade Dance for students “graduating” from Jerry Ross is subsidized by the CAFE.

    *      Multi-Cultural learning for all grades is funded by the CAFE.

    *      Special Person’s Day is organized, staffed and funded by the CAFE.  The organization provides invitations and refreshments for the event.

    *      Challenge Day/Field Day is funded by the CAFE.  Refreshments and prizes are provided by the organization.

    *      The Accelerated Reading Store is funded by the CAFE.  The organization provides funds for books and student incentives.

    The CAFE enhances your child’s education experience! 





  • CAFE:  Community Advocates For Education


    If you are reading this, chances are you are the CAFE.  As the needs of our families evolve, so must we.  The days of the time consuming and overwhelming executive board of a PTO board are no longer.  Our CAFE will now tailor involvement to your wants and needs.   Whether you would like to volunteer for one event, multiple events, or none at all; you are valued and your input is appreciated.  

    Attending CAFE meetings and/or sponsored events are a great way to learn more about your school and connect with other families. Parent groups play a vital role in building the kind of supportive school environment where teachers and students can excel. 

    In addition to the educational ramifications, you may come away with the names of good babysitters, the dish on the best field trips to attend and the names of good restaurants that you can actually take your kids to. Make new friends, get to know the teachers and staff, use your talents and help your school be the best it can be! 


    Together, we can make a positive impact on our children's education!

Last Modified on November 14, 2019