• Great Websites for Teachers and Parents
    We will be compiling some websites that are worthwhile for both teachers and parents. We'll only be including sites that relate directly to what we're doing in the classroom. Please stop by periodically and see what's new.

    6+1 Trait Web site Here you can find links to lesson plans that help you teach the traits. It also includes sample student papers that can provide scoring practice.

     This is a wonderful math site with lots of manipulative java applets. The developer has even included lesson plans to go with the applets. This is Mrs. Hamilton's first choice for the best site on the net.

    Edina School District's information for teaching the writing process
     Recently a number of Crown Point teachers attended a workshop related to the writing process. To learn more about this "6+1 writing process" visit the link above.

     This site gives more information about the FOSS program. Learn about its components, scope and sequence, correlation to standards, and more.

    FOSS for students
     This site is specifically for students using the FOSS program. These activities can be done both at school and at home.

    FOSS/Delta Education
     This site explains the FOSS science program that Crown Point is currently using. What is FOSS? What are its goals? Find out the answers here.

    Harcourt Math
     This site belongs to the company that publishes our math texts. It helps your child work on the math skills he/she is doing in class. You can choose the grade level as well as the chapter your child is working on.

    Math Facts
     Practice math facts on line or create a math fact worksheet.

    Mathematical Explorations
     Interactive java applets for many math skills including: telling time, fractions, shapes, patterns, and more. This site is definitely worth a visit.

    Practice Spelling
     Practice spelling patterns or put in your own spelling words. Here's the chance to drill those extra tricky spellings.

    Sudoku for Kids
     Sudoku puzzles have become a massive craze for grown-ups - and we think that kids should be allowed to enjoy them too! Here is Activity Village's collection of printable Sudoku for kids, as well as Sudoku hints and tips and other links.

    Sudoku is an excellent way for kids to develop their logic skills while having fun, and children as young as 7 or 8 can begin to enjoy them. No math is needed to complete the puzzles, and no guessing should be necessary either!
Last Modified on December 5, 2008