• fflAcademic Fitness-Physical Fitness-Social Fitness
    Welcome to the Timothy Ball Fit For Life Homepage.  We hope this area of our website will provide you with details on the three types of fitness we foster each and every day.  With so many activities, programs, and initiatives offered in our schools today, the phrase "fit for life" seemed to be a natural descriptor of what we do here at Timothy Ball.  Below you will find a few examples of programs that we offer to all students that foster each of type of fitness:
    Academic Fitness
    Guided Reading
    6+1 Traits of Writing
    Inquiry Math
    Everyday Math
    Title I Tutor Support
    Fall TEAM Tuturing
    Winter TEAM Tutoring
    Summer TEAM Tutoring
    High Ability Program
    Math Bowl/Spell Bowl/Science Bowl
    Physical Fitness
    Fit For Life Relay
    Homecoming Parade Participation
    International Walk to School Day
    Monthly Walk to School Days
    Presidential Physical Fitness Program
    Social Fitness
    D.A.R.E Program
    Buddy Reading Program
    Bucket Program
    Crisis Prevention Intervention
    Please see Fit For Life link to your left for more details about our events and fundraising concept!