Welcome to The Lake Street Library!  We are always finding ways to celebrate READING! 
    Below you will find helpful information about Lake Street Library.
     - Each class visits the library at least once a week.
     - All children have the opportunity to explore the
       many genres we have available.
     - Students in grades K-1 are allowed 2 books per
       week, provided all material is returned weekly.
     - Students in grades 2-5 are allowed to check out
       3 books per week, provided all material is returned
       weekly. If more books are needed, Mrs. Newell will
       accommodate. (books may be renewed, but must
       be brought in to be renewed)
    ****Being responsible with library material is very important at Lake Street. If a book is forgotten the first week, student receives a reminder. After 2 weeks, parents will be informed of missing material and a replacement fee will be assessed.
    Parents are encouraged to help promote the love of reading with their children. This can be done in many ways including setting aside special "reading time" each day, sharing a book together, asking your child about the book they are reading, or simply sharing a newspaper article with your child.
Last Modified on February 12, 2020