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    Kid-Safe Sites To Help You Look Things Up

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    Yahoo! Kids 
    The ultimate kid-friendly search engine. Based on the popular adult Yahoo! site, it‘s a safe place for children to look for information and has a great list of age-appropriate reference links.
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    Ask Kids (ajkids.com)
    The best search engine for answering simple kid questions like, “How does an iceberg form?” or “What causes hiccups?”
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    Kids Click! (kidsclick.org)
    This site was created by a group of US librarians so kids could find age-appropriate Web content on everything from science to health to popular entertainment. All links are non-commercial and non-violent.
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    Fact Monster (factmonster.com)
    This is a one-stop reference source of kid-friendly facts and articles. The award-winning site also has loads of interactive tools that encourage kids to improve their math, spelling and vocabulary.
Last Modified on September 9, 2013