• Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

    Welcome to Team 7B, Team Denali. I teach 7th grade Social Studies and am Team Leader.
    In Social Studies we will be covering the Eastern Hemisphere (Africa, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Australia) and examining the geography, history and culture of these regions.
    Please be prepared for my class with:
    1) Chrome book, computer fully charged
    2) Pens and pencils
    3) Colored pencils (We do many maps!) 
    4) Daily Agenda: Please check each day's Daily Agenda for the day's activities. Links are on the Agenda Page. If you are absent you can still access all the day's activities, links and assessments.
    *There are assigned seats to start this school year and a seating chart will be posted on the wall for each class so you can easily find your seat.
    **Please be in your seat before class begins as I like to start early, we only have 46 minutes per period. Thank you!
    Day 1: Welcome to my class, seating chart and a pretest of Social Studies. You will take this same test at the end of this year and you will get 100% correct because it will show what you have learned! This pretest is NOT a grade and is only used to show your IMPROVEMENT at the end of the year.
    Thank you,
    Mr. Saksa 
    More fun stuff..... 
    Everyone can signup for our Remind notices which will be texted to you from all teachers on our team. Go to the website:
     https://www.remind.com/    or just type remind in a search box and use the class code: @teamdena and you will then be signed up for our reminders and messages. 

    During the month of January, your child’s teachers will be conducting parent-teacher conferences. These conferences will focus on your child’s interest and how we can assist in making sure your child is college and career ready.

    This opportunity will allow us to partner and determine shared goals and expectations for your child, as well as to examine individual career clusters and skills your child needs for the 21st century workforce. We look forward to meeting with you during this time.



    Mr. Saksa  


    Social Studies

    Team 7B