Creating A Safe School


    Colonel John Wheeler Middle School is proud to be the second school in the state of Indiana to adopt an anti~bullying mentor program geared to your 6th grade student. Our mentor program matches CPHS students with 6th grade students for the purposes of creating a forum of open dialogue about the sensitive issue of bullying.


    Our CASS program trains high school students to mentor our middle school students, specifically the 6th graders about what bullying and aggression is. The mentors meet with the 6th graders for an introduction program and then follow up lessons are presented each month.  This program is designed to help your student find their voices and speak-up when confronted with a bullying situation!


    This program is “dedicated to creating a culture that is emotionally, physically, and socially safe, where children are respected and nurtured” (Ophelia Project-All the RAGE 3).

    6th,7th and 8th grade students also participate through our Student Advocacy Lessons. Groups meet weekly 


                                                                                                             Facilitator Kim Doolin

    Web Resources on Bullying for Parents, Teachers, School Administrators
    This U.S.-based site provides a list of links to resources on bullying for various audiences (e.g., parents, teachers, children). This site is highly recommended!
    List of resources for teachers and schools dealing with the problems of bullying and gangs.
    This is a UK site that provides information about bullying. Visitors to the site can order materials (books, videos) designed to help teachers implement programs combating bullying in schools.
    Dr. Ken Rigby, an Australian developmental psychologist who studies bullying, manages this site. The site offers practical information for teachers and other adults, as well as links to additional bullying resources.
    A site managed by BBC, the British Broadcasting Channel, dedicated to providing resources for persons interested in the issue of bullying. This site provides helpful tips for children, parents and other adults who work with children.
    The Effects of Media Violence on Children. Does violence increase children's tolerance of real-life aggression?
    Children Now: Fair Play? Study analyzing the role of violence, gender and race in video games.
    A collection of stories, resources, and services on bullying from Canada.
    The National Eating Disorders Association site is filled with resources on eating disorders.
    This organization's mission is to work with youth to end the culture of violence and involves students, educators, and parents.
    An interactive site full of information with fabulous graphics offering girls the opportunity to get advice, give their opinions and find out what's new on a wide range of topics.
    A brand new public education site developed to support the efforts of parents and other caring adults to promote mental health and prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs among 7- to 18-year-olds.
    A great informational site that is extremely interactive, with scrolling visuals and audio. It includes answers and advice on health issues from acne to dieting to strength training and focuses on the mind as well as the body. This comprehensive site is also in Spanish.
    A resource for girls between the ages of 8-14, who want their voices heard and their dreams taken seriously and for every adult who cares about girls.
    Power Of Hope is a non-profit organization in Bellingham, WA, founded in 1996 which empowers youth ages 14-18 to discover their creative potential. They use an intergenerational model that brings together multicultural community of youth and adults and offer training programs for adults who work with kids.
    An extremely well organized site, with content contributed by teens who visit the site. Find out how others feel about the latest movies, music, TV shows, games, beauty and make-up, books, and much more.
    Teaching Tolerance serves as a clearinghouse of information about anti-bias programs and activities being implemented in schools across the country. It also produces and distributes free, high-quality anti-bias materials and publishes a magazine called Teaching Tolerance.
    This website grew out of a book project by and for teens. It is an extremely informative site, which is mainly written by girls. It is dedicated to exploring issues which affect adolescents - anything from peer pressure to personal decisions about readiness for sexuality. There are personal stories and resources for health issues ranging from substance abuse to eating disorders to emotional health.
Last Modified on May 31, 2017