April 2, 2020


    Currently, all schools will remain closed until May 1st and all state testing has been canceled for this year. 

    As the situation evolves and guidance is modified, please know we are committed to providing you with timely updates aligned with the best recommendations and directions from our public health authorities.

    Quarter Grades

    We are now in the 4th academic quarter. Grades will be available for viewing through RDS parent access on April 7th.

    Distance Learning- April 3rd, April 6th, April 8th

    Teachers will continue class communication through BUZZ and email for students to follow. All students should reference their BUZZ agenda daily. Our students have academic courses with a varying level of expectations for work submission. We would like every student to be logging into BUZZ each work day. Students are encouraged to communicate with each of their teachers regarding their individual course expectations. 


    As a reminder we have a multitude of supports in place at The Colonel: Teachers, Counselors, PBIS paraprofessionals, MTSS interventionist,  and Administration. We encourage students and families to use us often and early.

    We encourage you to organize a home work space and build in breaks during the work day. Additionally, students are missing the social and emotional aspect of their school day. Connecting virtually with friends and family is important to maintain relational  connectivity.

    PBIS- Mrs Mulligan and Mrs. Hulen are encouraging all of our PBIS students to be happy, healthy and use the coping skills we have shared these past few months. 

    Here are three skills we have shared in the past to assist you each day:

    • Take a mindful minute when needed. Before beginning your work or starting a task, take a minute to get your mind right and focus. Reset your amygdala.
    • Create a small SMART goal for each day. 
    • Take a brain break when you start to lose your focus. 

     Can't remember any brain breaks? Gonoodle app is free.

    21st Century Scholars- Families who are eligible to apply for the 21st Century Scholar program must do so by June 30th of the student’s 7th or 8th grade year. Families unable to submit the 21st Century Scholars enrollment application by the June 30th deadline due to COVID-19 illness or disruptions should submit an appeal with the Enrollment Application Worksheet as soon as possible after the deadline.  The website for eligibility and application is:  https://learnmoreindiana.org/scholars/.  If you need assistance applying, please contact Ms. Andrea Day at aday@cps.k12.in.us. 

    Main Office/Guidance Staff Contact Information- Distance Learning

    During our period of Distance Learning, the Main Office/Guidance staff are checking their emails and voicemails regularly, should you need to reach them for any questions that have not already been answered, or if you should need teacher/coach contact information.  Contact information is as follows:

    Laura Newman (Main Office) – lnewman@cps.k12.in.us  (Ext. 13003)

    Lynnette Barker (Main Office) – lbarker@cps.k12.in.us (Ext. 13000)

    Coleen Viers (Guidance Dept.) – cmviers@cps.k12.in.us (Ext. 13101)

    Technology/Chromebook Care

    Digital Citizenship for Students commonsense.org 

    Teaching digital citizenship is all about helping students think beyond themselves and recognize the ripple effects of their actions. Personal responsibility is important, but understanding their responsibilities to others can help students unlock new ways to learn and connect with their communities -- and even change those communities for the better.



    **Questions or concerns regarding chromebooks should be directed to our media specialist, Heidi Woynovich at hwoynovich@cps.k12.in.us** 


    All events canceled until further notice.


    All events canceled until further notice.

     Fireside Chat – Principal’s weekly message to the students

    April 2, 2020 - Digital Footprint/Digital Citizenship

    “Your digital footprint is the information that is available about you on the internet through your history of online activity. Currently, your education is dependent on your online activity. We want you to be responsible in how you use such a powerful and valuable tool. The things you post, text, tweet, share and submit, can be a reflection of who you are. In our digital age, Universities, employers or anyone wanting to learn more about you, just need to look you up without speaking with you. How do you want your digital profile to look? Will it represent you well? Is your online activity a representation of who you want to be? While we work as a school from a distance, we want you to be confident and responsible in how you use technology. Conduct yourself in a mature, respectable way while chatting on a video. Re-read and revise everything you create before you submit it. Keep your browsing and searches appropriate and purposeful. Remember, your digital footprint follows you and it can have an influence on your future. Choose to maintain good digital citizenship.We are so proud of the work you have displayed this week. Stay focused and stay the course. No matter what, it is always going to be ok.”

     Important Dates

    April 7th – Grades available in RDS Parent Access

    April 10th – Good Friday – No Distance Learning/No School


    Jacob Rodriguez, Principal

    Col. John Wheeler Middle School

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