• May 28, 2020

    As we close the 2019-2020 school year we want THANK every student, family, parent, sibling, community and staff member, for the flexibility and resilience shown during the past 11 weeks. We are so fortunate to have the resources and support necessary for our students to still have quality opportunities to engage in learning, even when the circumstances are not ideal. We thank and applaud all of you for your efforts.


    Report Cards will be accessible through RDS/BUZZ on Thursday, June 4.

    Students of the Month - May

    8th Grade - Jocelyn Mollet, Will Baltzersen

    7th Grade - Gionni Lopez, Sofia Sekulovski, Jenny Koryczan

    6th Grade - Maya Noort, Avery Lopez

    Scholastic Honors Awards Recipients

    Each year we partner with community stakeholders to identify scholar students who have received a 4.0 or better. A special thank you to Reid Rhodes and Edward Jones for their partnership to recognize our recipients. Please reference the attached document for our list of scholars. Certificates will be provided in the fall.

     CJWM CP Kiwanis Club Scholastic Award Winners

    Locker Clean-Out

    This week’s locker clean-out was another prime example of the teamwork between families, community and school. While following specific safety parameters, students were able to safely navigate the building and retrieve their items.

    *There are still some remaining items in lockers. We will plan to donate/discard the remaining items for you if you do not want/intend to retrieve them. If there are still items your students would like to retrieve, please assist our efforts by completing this google form by June 3rd. It is not necessary to complete this form if you have already, or do not intend, to pick up items. https://forms.gle/4HcWivcCn7ib7gjK7

    We will plan for an additional pick up this summer.

    Summer School for Middle School Students

    Summer remediation will be offered for middle school students beginning July 20th. Individual students will be contacted and invited to join the remediation course offerings.


    Yearbooks will not be distributed until the beginning of the next school year. 8th grade students will receive their yearbooks at the high school.

    Pre-AP English 9

    The CPHS Pre-AP English 9 classes have released their ‘summer reading letter’ for all incoming freshmen that are going into Pre-AP English 9 this fall.  The 8th grade English teachers have included this in their agendas and emailed the students as well. 

    8th grade-Incoming Freshman Summer Offerings

    CPHS is offering two full online courses during Summer School that are available to current 8th grade students/incoming 9th grade students:  Online Core PE Semester 1 and Online Core PE Semester 2. Online Core PE, both semesters, is available for all students who will be in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 in 2020-2021. Online Health, Online American Government, and Online Economics are only available to students who will be in grades 10, 11, or 12 in 2020-2021.  All incoming 9th grade students enrolled in these online courses must attend a mandatory student orientation meeting via Zoom and complete the CP 2.0 Student Orientation Course in Buzz. Pre-registration is required for the Zoom meetings.  An informational flyer is attached to this email. Please select link below for more detail:



    Important Dates

    May 29 -  Last Day of School

    Fireside Chat – Principal’s weekly message to the students

    May 28, 2020 -  “Closure”

    “Students, this week I wanted to share some considerations about closure. Having closure identifies a final stage of what once-was. Closure implies the acceptance of what has happened and honoring the transition to moving on to something new. Perhaps many of us are lacking the closure we would typically desire as we end the school year. Interacting with some of our favorite teachers, talking with our closest friends, and walking away from the comforts of the building you spend most of your ‘everyday’ in. Those experiences are valuable and meaningful, but we are not without. We will again have the opportunities to interact, engage, and have experiences with one another. Knowing this, I encourage you to refrain from saying goodbye. Goodbye is an ending and can be conclusive. We want all of you to know this is a place for you to always call home. Sixth graders, see you soon! It won’t be long before you are back in the hallway showing a nervous new student to their class. Seventh graders, farewell! We wish you well as we part for a brief few months and look forward to your leadership in the top class next year. Eighth graders, So-Long! You have a home here and we encourage you to visit us. Please consider The Colonel a resource for you as you navigate your goals. Reach out, visit, or send us a message. This will always be your home. So-long, farewell, but never goodbye.”


    As always, let’s make it a great day to be a Bulldog!


    Jacob Rodriguez, Principal

    Col. John Wheeler Middle School



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