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    Bus times can change at any time due to changes on a route.  These changes could include; but not limited to, adding students who live in the country and require a separate stop, or road construction which requires routes to take different roads for a short length of time. The times listed in Bus Planner Web are estimates and subject to change.
    ****For security purposes the are changes to the pupil portal - after you click find my bus stop below - click the "Parent portal" icon and the CREATE ACCOUNT button on the next page you will register an email account and password - after you verify your email account - you will be provided a link to see your students bus information.  Please click add student and then the bus information will appear.  The parent portal offers another level of security for your child.**** 
    Click below to find your student's stop
    Please have your student at their bus stop 10 minutes before the posted bus stop time.
Last Modified on August 20, 2020