The Department of Exceptional Education is committed to supporting students with disabilities.  We ensure that eligible students are provided a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. 


    Our office is located at the CPCSC Learning Center.

    130 Harrington Avenue, Crown Point, IN

    Phone: 219-663-4330

    Fax: 219-662-6468 

  • What is Child Find?

    Child Find is a program to identify, locate and evaluate all children who are suspected of having a disability.  Any individual (parent, teacher, principal) that suspects a child may have a disability and could benefit from special education servicdes should initiate a referral by contacting the building principal.  You may also contact the Department for Exceptional Learners directly at 219-663-4330.

    The Crown Point Community School Corporation:

    1. establishes, maintains, and implements written procedures that ensure the location, identification, and evaluation of all students three (3) years of age, through twenty-two (22) years of age, and who are in need of special education and related services, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, including students who:
    2. who reside within the boundaries of the Crown Point Community School Corporation;
    3. attend a non public school, are served by an agency, or live in an institution located within the jurisdiction of the public agency:
    4. are homeless as defined at 511 IAC 7-32-46;
    5. are wards of the state;
    6. are highly mobile students, including migrant students;

    Furthermore, the CPCSC Department of Exceptional Learners, in meeting its child find responsibilities:

    1. accepts referrals from all agencies;
    2. accepts referrals from parents;
    3. informs local physicians about CPCSC’s responsibility to serve preschool children;
    4. informs all major child care providers about the referral process;
    5. accepts referrals from private schools; and
    6. provides referral information to local elementary schools.


Last Modified on March 22, 2021