• Student Absences
    When your student is absent, a parent/guardian must contact the front office via email (TaftAttendance@cps.k12.in.us) or call (219)-663-1507. When contacting the office, parents need to include the student’s name, date(s), and reason for absence.  When calling please make sure that you are clear and detailed with your message.

    If there is no parent/guardian contact to our front office, your student’s absence will be counted as unverified and may be marked as truant.


    Late Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

    If a student is dropped off late and arrives before 8:40 am (an hour after start time), the student will be marked tardy to their first class. If the student is dropped after 8:40 am (an hour after our start time) the parent/guardian of the student must contact the office with the student's name and a note/reason for the late arrival.

    A student may be picked up in the front office any time during the school day up until 2:30 pm. A parent/guardian must come into the building to sign out the student before they can be released. Students are not called to the office prior to the arrival of the parent/guardian. If arriving after 2:30 pm for pick-up, the school security officer requires that you wait in the school parking lot away from the front entrance. This is to avoid blocked traffic with our busses at the end of the day.