• CPCSC’s Strategic Planning Initiative


    Help Crown Point Community School Corporation plan for the future! If you live within the boundaries of CPCSC, we invite you to complete the survey below. All CPCSC residents can contribute. You do not have to be a CPCSC parent to participate.


    Click here to take the survey. It is available May 24 to June 4. 


    Your feedback is important as we plan our long-term goals and priorities. Thank you!


    Please keep in mind that the strategic planning process is not about any policies or procedures related to COVID and our return plans in the fall. That information will be sent to parents later this summer. If you have questions, please email cpcsc@cps.k12.in.us. 

  • About Strategic Planning


    What is strategic planning?

    It’s a process of looking ahead and creating a plan that meets our goals for the future. 

    • What are the most important needs of our students? 
    • How can we create a plan that addresses those needs? 
    • How can we use that plan to guide our actions in the years ahead?


    How long does it take?

    Strategic planning is a long process. It often takes months to develop a plan that can truly be used to guide and improve a school district. As we move through the planning steps, you can visit this page to learn more about what’s happening along the way. There is no “official” timeline for the strategic planning process, but we estimate approximately 18 months.


    Who is involved in the strategic planning process?

    Administrators, with the help of our consultants from Indiana University, will lead the process. Small groups made of administrators, school board members, community members, staff, and parents will serve as working groups to create goals and objectives. 


    What are the steps?

    1. Survey community for input and analyze results

    2. Determine our new mission, vision, and priorities

    3. Establish working groups that create objectives and goals to achieve priorities

    4. Working groups collaborate to write final plan

    5. Share final plan with community, parents, and staff

    6. Share progress about the plan’s implementation with community, parents, and staff