• CPCSC Capital Improvement Projects


    In November 2020, the Board of School Trustees unanimously voted to proceed with a capital improvement project that benefits all CPCSC students.


    The project includes

    - Construction of a new Taft Middle School

    - Additional classrooms and significant infrastructure upgrades at Crown Point High School, Timothy Ball Elementary, and MacArthur Elementary

    - Infrastructure, technology, and outdoor upgrades in all other CPCSC buildings except for Winfield Elementary (which is already seeing these improvements as part of their current capital project)


    By the time all capital improvements are finished, the project will touch every CPCSC building and provide an upgraded learning environment for all of our students.


    If you have additional questions regarding the captial improvement projects that are not answered by the information below, please reach out to a board member at cpboard@cps.k12.in.us or the administration team at cpcsc@cps.k12.in.us.

  • proposed site layout for new taft

  • The Rationale


    Planning for this project has been underway for a number of years. Administration and the Board knew they needed to address some important issues that we face at CPCSC:

    - Rapid population growth, which is expected to continue increasing in coming years

    - Overcrowding in classrooms and hallways, especially in secondary schools

    - Aging infrastructure and accessibility issues at Taft

    - Expanding classroom space and upgrading technology that meets the highest standards of programming and curriculum needs

    - Improving common areas like cafeterias, performance spaces, athletic facilities, and playgrounds to be effective and equitable across the district

  • The Cost


    This project is NOT financed by a referendum. The corporation’s existing debt begins to “fall off” over the next three years, allowing the project to be financed via new bonds. This means Crown Point residents will not see an increase in taxes because of this project. We also feel there is additional financial room to pay for other expenses that may come up in future years that are not already financed through the existing operating referendum. 


    The estimated cost of all capital improvements is $214,000,000. For a breakdown of the project costs by building, please see the board meeting link below from December 14, 2020.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Why is the new Taft being built in Winfield?

    The location of the new Taft was chosen out of three properties already owned by CPCSC, purchased a number of years ago. Only two of those sites were large enough to fit a middle school that addresses our growing population. Out of those two, the chosen site in Winfield could best accommodate an appropriate site layout and adequate traffic flow, including school buses and issues of access for first responders in an emergency.

    Will there be school boundary modifications?

    It has not been decided yet which students will attend the new middle school. Our elementary schools will also be undergoing construction/upgrades, including the addition of classrooms to accommodate more students. As these projects become more defined, discussions about which students attend the new Taft will begin. We will analyze transportation routes and new housing developments, examine ways to keep student cohorts together where possible, and get feedback from stakeholders. We do not want to make changes to school boundaries now, only to have them potentially change before the new Taft building opens. 

    What will happen to the old Taft building?

    It has not been determined yet what steps we will take with the existing Taft Middle School building.

    How is this project preparing for the rapid population growth in Crown Point?

    We have worked with demographers who study the population change in our area to make sure this project adds an adequate number of classrooms to meet the needs of our growing community.

    What is the timeline for this project?

    The new middle school will break ground in the summer of 2021, with a goal to open in the fall of 2023.

    Tentative construction will begin at CPHS in November of 2022, at Timothy Ball in February of 2022, at MacArthur in March of 2022, and at Wheeler in May of 2022. These timelines may of course shift based on construction, available materials, weather, etc.

    All projects are scheduled to be finished by 2024.

  • Board Meeting Summaries


    Short summaries of project updates will be posted here after board meetings. We highly encourage watching the board meetings (links below) for full updates.


    March 2021 - project info begins at 47:50

    • Additional designs and site maps of the building are shared
    • Construction updates indicate that ground will be broken at the site this summer


    February 2021 - project info begins at 16:40

    • A design committee has been established, which includes secondary administrators throughout the district as well as our director of buildings and grounds.
    • The location of the new Taft Middle was announced, along with the rationale for choosing the site. Location will be at the corner of 121st Street and Gibson Avenue.
    • A proposed - not definite - site layout was shared as an example of the amenities the new school will have.


    January 2021 - project info begins at 1:04:00

    • The remonstrance period for the project has now passed.
    • Site recommendations will be brought to the board soon so that the project can stay on schedule.


    December 14, 2020 - Second Public Hearing 

    • Attorney Zic reviews the process for approving a capital project, including the requirement to hold a public hearing and other additional steps
    • Dr. Terrill reviews the rationale, proposed capital improvements, and timeline of the project
    • CFO Katy Dowling and a representative from Baker Tilly (advisors) review the financial aspects of the project, including total estimated costs and how it can be funded without a referendum.
    • Public comments were heard by the board.
    • The board unanimously approved the capital improvement project as presented.


    December 7, 2020 - First Public Hearing

    • Attorney Zic reviews the legal procedures for holding public hearings for capital projects
    • Dr. Terrill provides an overview of the project including the rationale, details about what the project will include, the project timeline, and benefits.
    • CFO Katy Dowling reviews the financial components of the project, including the estimated cost and explanation of no funding via a referendum.
    • Public comments were heard by the board.


    November 2020 - project info begins at 26:00

    • Dr. Terrill provides the board with an overview of the project and the work done in previous years to prepare for it