Students of the Week

  • At Crown Point High School, our mission is to help all students develop the skills needed to maximize their potential.

    While we recognize that each student has an academic potential, we additionally recognize that each student possesses potential that reaches beyond the classroom. Consequently, our mission is to develop the full potential of each individual student.

    Our mission statement is guided by six values. These values are summarized by six representative words: college, career, citizenship, creativity, courage, and culture. Each day, faculty and staff members encourage students to reach their potential by acting according to these six values.

    When a student is observed acting out the values of our school, that student may be nominated by a staff member for our “Student of the Week” award.

    As a student of the week a student earns the following:

    • Recognition on our after school announcements
    • Awarded a prize t-shirt
    • Photographed with the staff member who nominated them
    • Communication sent home to the students’ family that they won

    Each week, photographs of our winning students will be added to the pages linked to the left. Click the link that begins with "SOW" and the date that you would like to view.

    Please check back regularly to help us celebrate our students as they live the values of our school!