• Our School theme is "Fit for SPACE." Being "SPACE Fit " is our goal for every student. SPACE is an acronym, but also represents the future, and the unknown. In order for the kids to be successful and live a rewarding and productive life, they must develop their social,  physical, academic, cultural and emotional skills.



         * Be sympathetic when someone makes a mistake or is having a hard time.

         * Include others when they are left out.

         * Compliment before you criticize.

         * Look for the good in all classmates.

         * Take turns and play fair.

         * Get to know your teachers and classmates by talking to them.


          * Learn the importance of being healthy.

          * Make sure to meet physical development milestones.

          * Enjoy being active in PE and after school.

          * Try new foods that are healthy.

          * Understand the consequences of making unhealthy choices.


          * Strive to achieve good grades.

          * Try out for academic teams.

          * Enjoy learning new and challenging things.

          * Have a growth mindset.

          * Start thinking about long term goals and what you need to do to accomplish them.   


          * Appreciate the fine arts.

          * Learn about other cultures and their traditions.

          * Embrace all genres of music.

          * Understand that all humans have similarities and differences and that is a good thing .

          * Learn more about American customs and traditions.


          * Learn that everyone reacts to circumstances differently.

          * Learn how to express emotions in a healthy way.

          * Develop coping techniques to deal with disappointment, loss and hardships.

          * Understand the bucket theory- Being kind and helpful to others will help fill their bucket and yours.

          * Value school and attend regularly.