• Eventlink

    If you do not request your event in the Facilities link, it will not go to the Facilities Calendar and be reserved.  The Calendars on the left are just for organization, they are not for scheduling a room.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.   When viewing the facility calendar,  click the scroll down arrow next to “My Calendars” and scroll down and click on “Facilities”.  You should see the whole facility calendar in multiple colors.  The colors coordinate with the rooms.  To request to reserve a room follow the directions below.  Your request will go to the manager of that room for an approval or denial.  Rooms are only denied when there is a conflict due to someone already reserving that room.

    • Open Eventlink and log in to Eventlink Staff
    • On the grey bar across the top, click on Facilities
    • Scroll down to the room you want to reserve
    • Click on the arrow to the left of that room
    • Click on “reserve”
    • A “Create New Event” box will pop up
      • Put your event in the title (make sure you put the room name in the title also)
      • Put in your date and start and end times
      • Make sure that you room you want is in the “Requested Facility” box.
      • Be sure to SAVE
    • Once your request is saved, if there is a conflict due to someone already in that room, you will get a notice telling you there is a conflict and asking if you want to send an email to the manager anyway. At that point, please do not double book the room.  Select a different date, time or room that does not have a conflict.



Last Modified on September 4, 2018