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    Greetings from Crown Point High School! Here are some Tuesday reminders for you and your family. 

    Today was the first day of semester two at CPHS.  We appreciate all the help you provided to our students throughout semester one and we are excited to keep moving forward.  Semester one grades will be available for parents and families to view on Friday, January 22nd at 10 a.m. in the RDS Parent Portal.

    As we make our way through the second semester we want to provide our students with as many normal high school experiences as possible.  In today’s email, we have information for senior parents on our senior celebrations.  Our intent is to hold our Laude, Military, and Scholarship Night celebrations in-person with the use of appropriate safety protocols. 

    It is great to have students back in the building in our Yellow status.  They have done a nice job transitioning back and getting into a routine.  With that said, we want to make sure our distance learners feel supported.  Whether your current choice for learning is in-person or virtual, we are all on the same team and part of the same school community.  If there is anything we can do for you or your student please let us know. 

    Important Dates –  Starting Semester Two

    • Tuesday, January 19th was the first day of semester two.  CPHS will start the semester in Yellow status.  NOTE:  This is when the choice you made about your student’s second semester learning model begins. 


    • Tuesday, January 19th to Friday, January 22nd
      • On Tuesday the 19th and Friday the 22nd our ‘B’ students will attend the building while the ‘A’ students attend virtually.
      • On Thursday the 21st our ‘A’ students will attend the building while the ‘B’ students attend virtually. 
      • Wednesdays are virtual learning days for all CPHS students. 


    • Monday, January 25th to Friday, January 29th
      • This will be our first five day week of semester two and we will settle into our regular Yellow pattern.
        • On Mondays and Thursdays our ‘A’ students will attend the building while ‘B’ students attend virtually.
        • On Tuesdays and Fridays our ‘B’ students will attend the building while ‘A’ students attend virtually.

    §  Wednesdays are distance learning days for all students

    Yellow Status Reminders

    • The student day begins at 7:35 a.m. in Yellow status.  Please see attachment for the student daily schedule. 


    • Our distance learners should check their school email and Buzz accounts every day as teachers will have daily Buzz agendas posted by 7:35 a.m.
      • Please communicate with and reach out to teachers if there are questions about courses or assignments.


    • A/B Students at-home days
      • When ‘B’ students are home on ‘A’ days and vice versa, please remind students to check their Buzz in the morning.  Agendas for the day will be posted by 7:35 a.m.  Our assistant principals, graduation coaches, counselors, social workers, and support staff can be reached if there are questions from home. 


    Academic Support – Wednesdays

    • If your student (in-person or virtual learner) needs additional academic support, our building is open on Wednesdays for help.  You can contact your student’s academic/graduation coach or school counselor to discuss opportunities for face to face support.  This may include supervised study tables in the cafeteria, academic assistance in core subjects from our RTI staff, or pre-arranged sessions with available teachers. 
      • If you have questions about available support, please contact your student’s graduation coach or counselor (contact information below).


    Department Office Hours – Wednesdays

    • Please see the office hours by department for Wednesdays.  Teachers in these departments will use the time to connect with and assist students.  Teachers will communicate the method of connection to their classes.    
    • There may be some exceptions to this or additional hours added if there are conflicts. 
    • Exceptional learner teachers will be communicating with students on additional opportunities for help. 
    • We will communicate any changes or adjustments to the schedule. 


               Crown Point High School


    Department Office Hours – Wednesdays

    9:00 am - 10:00 am

    Office Hours

     (Science, Exceptional Learners, Art, Performing Arts)

    10:00 am - 11:00 am

    Office Hours

    (World Language, Internship)

    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Office Hours


    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

    Office Hours

    (Social Studies, Credit Recovery, Business)

    1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

    Office Hours

    (English, Family and Consumer Science, RTI Labs, PE, and Industrial Technology)

    Important Update:  ISTEP Testing – 11th Grade Students

    • All junior students are required to participate in the February administration of the ISTEP+.  This assessment is state-mandated for all students in the class of 2022. There is no virtual option for ISTEP+ testing, so students must report to the school building to test.  Utilizing Wednesdays for testing allows us to maintain physical distancing between students, provide a distraction-free testing environment and minimize the loss of instructional time for students.
      • CPHS will administer the Math sections of the ISTEP+ on Wednesday, February 3rd.  Students should plan to arrive at their assigned testing room by 7:50.  Testing will begin at 8:00.
      • CPHS will administer the ELA sections of the ISTEP+ on Wednesday, February 10th.  Students should plan to arrive at their assigned testing room by 7:50. Testing will begin at 8:00.


    • ISTEP Details (Buses, Breakfast/Lunch, Dismissal, Coursework)
      • Bus transportation will be available to all junior students on these days.  Busses will run their normal high school routes, and students should plan to be picked up at normal times.
      • Breakfast (7:35-7:55) and lunch (10:50-11:50)  will also be available to all junior students on testing days.
      • Students who do not receive extended time on testing and who do not need to utilize bus transportation will be dismissed from testing at approximately 1:40 on both days. Students who choose to take the bus home will be dismissed from the building at 2:37 (regular time). 
      • Because all junior students are mandated to participate in this testing, students will be excused from their regular coursework on these days.

    Course Scheduling 2021-22

    • The 2021-2022 Scheduling Window is fast approaching!  Each CPHS student will meet with their counselor to solidify course requests during the month of February.  A detailed schedule will be provided as we move closer to the meeting dates.  At this time, it is important that families look at all the valuable information on the CPHS guidance page, https://www.cps.k12.in.us/Page/9858.  Here you will see the 2021-2022 Course Catalog, with detailed course descriptions, our academic placement rationale, schedule change policy, and many other vital pieces of information that will assist you and your children with choosing courses that will best meet their future needs.  
    • Please take a look at the following presentation links for information on the course scheduling process.


    PSAT Results

    • Students in grades 9-11 were given the opportunity to take the PSAT in October during the school day.  The PSAT consists of Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math tests and focuses on knowledge and skills that are important for college and career readiness, as well as providing insight into potential scoring on future SAT exams for college admission.  Student performance on the PSAT also helps inform course placement at CPHS. 
      • Score reports for those who tested in October can be accessed online through your student’s College Board account.  You can find information on how to get scores here:  https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10/scores/getting-scores  
      • If you are experiencing an issue with your College Board account or if the score report isn’t showing in the account, you can contact the College Board at (866)-433-7728 for assistance. 
      • As an additional resource, students can link their PSAT scores to Khan Academy.  Khan Academy is the official test prep partner of the College Board and their services are offered for FREE.  By matching PSAT scores with Khan Academy, students will receive personalized test prep based on their individual needs.  This prep is not only helpful for future SAT and PSAT exams, but can also help reinforce skills utilized every day in high school coursework. 
      • For instructions on how to link your PSAT scores to Khan Academy, click here.

    ACT/SAT Test Prep

    • The SAT will be administered to all 11th graders on April 13, 2021 during the school day.  As juniors begin thinking about prepping for the April SAT at CPHS and preparing for additional college entrance exams they may take on their own on national Saturday test dates, we wanted to make you aware of two free test prep resources: ACT Academy and Khan Academy. 
      • ACT Academy is a free online learning tool and test practice program offered by the ACT to help students get the best score possible on the ACT test.  The ACT Academy is the only official free resource from ACT. 
      • Khan Academy is the free official SAT practice resource from the College Board, which administers the SAT.  Khan Academy gives you exclusive access and advice to prepare for the SAT and allows students to link their PSAT scores to their Khan Academy account to build a personalized practice program in advance of testing (see above).  All CPHS students in grades 10-12 should already have a Khan Academy account. 
      • For a list of additional test prep resources, click the link here.

    Seniors – Semester Two Celebrations

    • Our senior academic laude celebration will be on Wednesday, March 24th in the auditorium.  In order to achieve social distancing, three ceremonies will be held with limited seating capacity (parents only).  A live stream will also be available for those at home to watch the celebration.  The three ceremonies will feature our cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude students.   More details on this event that include times and ceremony specifics will be shared in the coming weeks.


    • Our celebration for students going to the military will be held on Wednesday, May 5th at 1 p.m. at CPHS.  This ceremony will be held outside (weather permitting) and we will invite family members and military recruiters.  Students who are going to the military should confirm this information with their school counselor so that we can ensure their participation in this special event.  At this event, students will receive their stole that will be worn at our graduation ceremony. 


    • The Crown Point Community Foundation Scholarship Night will also be held in early May.  We are working with the foundation to secure a date and hold the ceremony in-person.  As soon as details are finalized we will communicate with our students, parents, and families.


    • We are working with our senior class sponsors (Mrs. Becky Smith and Mrs. Brooke Yeager) on a date for our senior panoramic picture.  The picture will be taken outside on the bleachers of our football stadium in late April or early May.  Once we secure a date with the photographer we will communicate this information to our students, parents, and families. 


    • The class of 2021 graduation ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 3rd at the CPHS stadium with a rain date scheduled for Friday, June 4th.  Details about graduation will come your way throughout the second semester. 

    Seniors - Transcripts

    ·       Mid-year transcripts, showing updated GPA and grades from 1st semester of senior year, will be available to send starting after 1st semester ends and grades have been reported.  If the colleges or universities that your student has applied to have requested that you send them a mid-year transcript or seventh-semester transcript, please email Ms. Hess at jhess@cps.k12.in.us to make your transcript request.  In the email, please state the name of the school(s) that you would like to receive these documents. 

    Seniors – Legacy Foundation Scholarship

    • The Legacy Foundation, Lake County's Community Foundation, has opened up their scholarship application as of December 1st! The Legacy Scholarship Application deadline is February 1, 2021.  To find out more about the Legacy Foundation: www.legacyfdn.org  *A link to the scholarship application has been posted in Naviance.  Don't forget to continually check the Scholarship List in your Naviance account throughout senior year for updated opportunities like this one.*

    Seniors – Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship

    • The 2021-2022 application for the Next Generation Hoosier Educator Scholarship for students interested in majoring in Education opened on October 1, 2020 and will close on January 31, 2021. Students who have specific questions about this scholarship can contact NextTeacher@che.in.gov*A link to the scholarship application has been posted in Naviance.  Don't forget to continually check the Scholarship List in your Naviance account throughout senior year for updated opportunities like this one.*

    Senior Scholarships Summary

    • Seniors looking for scholarship opportunities can check their Naviance account for a list of local scholarships.  Students can find the local scholarship list by:
      • Logging into Naviance through RDS
      • Clicking the College tab
        • Scholarships and Money
        • and then Scholarship List
    • The list will change throughout the school year as new opportunities come in.  Keep checking all year long for updates to the list.  Additional scholarship opportunities and information can be found on our school’s website here:  https://www.cps.k12.in.us/Page/9844, as well as the National Scholarship List in Naviance. 

    Free Breakfast and Lunch Reminder

    • All CPHS students are able to receive free breakfast and lunch from the cafeteria for the remainder of the year.  Breakfast is available to students starting at 7 a.m.

    Online Courses

    • CPHS is offering seven fully online courses during the spring semester for students in grades 10-12:  Online Health, Online American Government, Online Economics, Online English 12, Online US History, Online Medical Terminology, and Online Physical Education. Those courses are available for all students in grades 10-12 who haven’t already completed them as a graduation requirement; however,  Online Physical Education is only available to students in grades 9-12 who have elected to stay home for second semester. All students enrolled in one of these online courses must complete the CP 2.0 Student Orientation Course in Buzz; then they will see their online course in Buzz the next morning. New assignments and modules have been added to the CP 2.0 Student Orientation Course so please check the detailed grade screen rather than the course grade to confirm full completion. Please see the CPHS website for full details.

    Administrative Contacts

    • Here is a list of administrative contacts for you to reference. 

    Russ Marcinek



    Lynn Alkire

    Associate Principal/Director of Guidance


    Vince Bauters

    Asst. Principal - Student alpha A-Ei


    Annie Lorek

    Asst. Principal - Student alpha El-K


    Kevin Enright

    Asst. Principal - Student alpha L-Ri


    Amy Helmuth

    Asst. Principal - Student alpha Ro-Z


    Graduation Coach Contacts

    • Here is a list of our Graduation Coaches.  Please contact the one associated with your student’s grade level if your student needs extra help in a class or is having a hard time working from home.  These staff members work closely with our teachers to assist students. 




    Phone Extension

    Ken Miller

    9 and 10



    Scott Vlink




    Angie Richwalski




    Adrian Richie

    All Grades




    School Counselor Contacts

    • Our school counselors are available for questions and assistance.  Counselors can help with students who are struggling academically or emotionally.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to our counselors for assistance. 

    Student Last Name



    Phone Extension


    Ami Marcinek            




    Kim Swan                     




    Michelle Bruss            




    Lauren Sandor            




    Jason Quigg                



    Spi - Z

    Amber Sokol               



    CPHS Social Worker Contacts

    • CPHS has two social workers who are available to help students who need assistance.  Please reach out to them if you feel they can help your student.

    Student Last Name

    Social Worker


    Phone Extension


    Mary Rhee




    Jamie Monday



    Student Safety

    • We must keep the safety and security of our students at the front of our minds at all times.  With all the talk about Covid-19 related safety measures, traditional student safety cannot be overlooked.  If you have any concerns about a student or student safety, please contact us.  If you see something, say something. 

     CPHS Parent RDS/Buzz Presentation

    • The CPHS Parent Buzz Slide Show that is available via the Parent channel on the CPHS website is designed to accompany an annual in-person presentation.  To help you access this information more easily, we’re also providing this video version:  CPHS Parent Buzz Video. We hope that this video helps you learn more about the connections between RDS and Buzz.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to cp2.0parenthelp@cps.k12.in.us with additional questions. 


    Chromebook Repair and Support

    •  If your student’s Chromebook needs repair please have it done by Crown Point Community School Corporation staff. 

    o   If a student is attending classes in person, please see your School Librarian for Chromebook repair.

    o   If a student is an at-home learner and the Chromebook is broken or fails to work or your charger needs repair please fill out this form Chromebook Repair Form. Your School Media Specialist will contact you.

    • For help with the RDS Log-in or the Buzz Button inside RDS complete the CPCSC Support Form.
    • If you are having issues with one of your courses on Buzz, please contact the teacher by email. 


    Thank you for your continued support of Crown Point High School and our students.  Have a great week, and Go Bulldogs!


    Russell J. Marcinek


    Crown Point High School

    Student Daily Schedule - Yellow.pdf 


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