• 2019-2020 Student Online Handbook

    Click Here:  Colonel Wheeler Middle School Student Handbook 2019-2020

    Mission Statement

    In cooperation with the entire Crown Point Community School Corporation, Colonel John Wheeler Middle School supports students in their acquisition of skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are necessary for all students to reach their highest potential. We have high expectations and provide a rigorous curriculum while meeting the social and emotional needs of our students so as to nurture the development of life-long learning.


    Legal Notice

    The rules you are about to read in this student handbook are in addition to our broad, discretionary authority to maintain safety, order, and discipline inside the school zone.  These rules support, but do not limit our authority.  It should also be noted that our Director of Security and school resource officers support school personnel in their efforts to maintain safety, order and discipline in the school zone.   Please know that these rules are primarily for protection, not punishment.


    Learner Outcomes

    • Students will have an educational foundation to achieve future educational and/or career goals.
    • Students will be self-reliant, responsible citizens, able to respect differences of opinion and be tolerant of diversity in our global society.
    • Students will utilize reading, writing, listening, speaking, and technology for effective communication.
    • Students will possess mathematical skill needed for functioning in life.
    • Students will utilize appropriate strategies, information, and technology to solve problems.
    • Students will display responsibility, confidence, sociability, self-management, integrity, and honesty.
    • Students will be lifelong learners who will continue to grow intellectually, socially, and personally, in order to adapt to a constantly changing world.
    • Students will possess an appreciation and respect for life by maintaining a healthy life-style, by developing positive family relations, and by caring for the world around them.
    • Students will possess an aesthetic awareness of creative works.