• Dual Credit: COVID-19 Update

    Dear CPHS Dual Credit students and families,


    Our university partners understand that our learning environments can be extremely challenging as we deal with COVID-19.  They have developed measures of latitude regarding grading and course enrollment procedures.  Below you will find documents provided by many of our partners and as more information comes to light we will share.

    As you look through these documents, please understand that building quality collegiate transcripts is extremely important to your post-secondary plans and options.  Collegiate grades of S or P may present issues, in the future, regarding course transferability.  Grades of D’s will also pose transferability issues as well as potential loss of financial aid and post-secondary acceptance.

    It is absolutely important that you and your families make the best decisions possible for your future.  We are here to assist.  If you are concerning a P/F grade or P/S grade in your dual credit course (on your college transcript), please reach out to myself or your dual credit teacher first.  If you are struggling in your dual credit course and feel that you may possibly earn a D, reach out to myself or your teacher.  We would like to advise you prior to final decisions.


    Thank you for all of the hard work you’ve put forth this year.  We are proud of you!


    Lynn Alkire


    Assistant Principal

    Director of Guidance


    Ivy Tech Dual Credit Alt Grading Policy

    IU Dual Credit Alt Grading Policy

    PNW Dual Credit Alt Grading Policy

    PNW Drop Policy for Spring 2020

    Vincennes Dual Credit Alt Grading Policy