Resource Period

  • Each week (usually Wednesday) students meet in their Resource Period class for 72 minutes. The goals of the Resource Period provide the following for students:
    • Academic assistance
    • College and career readiness programming
    • Promote safe/healthy behaviors
    • Adult advocate/agent to connect and assist students with post-secondary placement
    During a typical week, there is a 15 to 20 minute activity relating to one of the above mentioned goals. The guidance department organizes activities around college and career readiness and healthy behaviors. With the remaining time, students are encouraged to visit one of their teachers for academic assistance. This is the current Resource Period schedule

    The faculty at CPHS remains committed to student achievement, and the Resource Period provides students the opportunity to achieve their learning goals and focus on life skills. Resource Period also allows teachers an opportunity to connect with students to build strong relationships while gaining significant insight into students’ college and career plans while serving as the advocate for student needs as they progress through each grade level at CPHS.