2020 Bulldog Rush Information


    Crown Point High School invites all in-coming freshmen students to join us for our annual Bulldog Rush.

    This orientation opportunity will take place over two days: August 7th and August 14th

    Students will be invited to report to the building for either an AM (morning) or PM (afternoon) session.

    These groupings will be decided alphabetically.

    NOTE: The alphabetical listings are determined by the student's last name. 

    We hope that by welcoming smaller groups into our building at a time, we can provide meaningful information and a positive orientation for our students. Additionally, the staggered entrances will assist in allowing our custodial crew to sanitize between sessions.  All safety protocols will be in place for this event. As a reminder, please remember to bring and wear a mask!

    Students will attend three breakout sessions. Their first breakout session is listed below. They will receive information on safety, the school day schedule, and technology.

    Please note: that during this orientation, six feet of social distancing will not be achievable at all times.  All safety protocols will be followed during the orientation and students who attend must wear masks.  Additionally, we will have hand sanitizer and wipes for each classroom session. 

    A reminder that attending Bulldog Rush is not a requirement and students who are uncomfortable should not attend. 

    If you cannot attend your scheduled time: CPHS cannot accommodate rescheduled times. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we will go above and beyond to share resources and answer questions or concerns for our incoming freshmen students.

    Due to social distancing regulations and safety protocol there will be no student tours this yearInformation intended to orientate students to the high school building will be shared prior to the start of school. Additionally, CPHS wants to remind all new students that our school is full of friendly staff, teachers, and classmates who will help you find your class and navigate the school. Bulldogs look out for each other!

    NOTE: When arriving, please drop students off at the designated doors. Look for signs indicating the "color" door that matches your student's group. When picking up your student, please return to the same door.


    Anyone who would like to review the presentations and student packet shared with students can do so by opening the links below:


    Click Here for Safety Presentation

    Click Here for Schedule Presentation

    Click Here for Technology Presentation

    2020 Bulldog Rush Student Packet (PDF)


    August 14th Schedule:


     BR 8/14 AM Chart

     Students Dismissed: 10:00am until 10:30am (staff wait until all students are picked up)


    BR 8/14 PM Chart

     Students Dismissed: 2:00pm until 2:30pm (staff wait until all students are picked up)



    Please click the link below for an easy to read PDF of the map

    Bulldog Rush Map for Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up


    Student Drop-Off & Pick-Up Map


    Please share any questions or concerns with Mr. Vince Bauters at vbauters@cps.k12.in.us.