Portrait of a Graduate - C-Notes

    Value, pursue, and obtain post secondary education and training.
    A/B or High Honor Roll forsemester
    (1 C-Note per semester)    
    Experience, develop, and practice professional ethics, attitudes, and skills.
    Perfect Attendance for a semester
    (1 C-Note per semester) 
    Advocate, initiate, and engage in self and community improvement.
    Annual community service hours completed
    (1 C-Note per completion of community service for the school year)
    Imagine, construct, and communicate ideas, emotions, and solutions.
    Club membership and participation
    (1 C-Note per club participation completion [awarded by year])
    Demonstrate character and leadership through words, decisions, and actions.
    Athletic team participation and completion
    (1 C-Note per season completion [awarded by year])
    Identify, appreciate, and respect the perspectives and expressions of diverse people, places, and times.
    Participate in CPHS sponsored performing arts group
    (1 C-Note per performance [awarded by year])
    (C-Notes may be earned through other activities approved by the principal, i.e. Student of the Week)