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    Every day is full of emotions. Student Services is here to help!




    What is Student Services?

    Each elementary school in Crown Point Community Schools has a Positive Behavior Intervention Specialist and a School Counselor/Home School Facilitator.


    But who are these people at Solon???

    Here in the beehive, Mrs. Brigid Lukas is the Licensed School Counselor and Mrs. Nikki Rzyski is the Postive Behavior Intervention Specialist.


    What is the difference between PBIS and the School Counselor?



    PBIS Roles 

    School Counselor Roles

    -Second Steps classroom lessons K-2 grade                                   

    -Friendship issues                                                                      

    -Bullying issues                                                                          

    -Positive Behavior Incentive Program                                      

    -Behavioral issues                                                                      

    -Attention and focusing concerns                                                            

    -Individual and/or Small Group sessions                                 

    -Anti-Bullying Classroom lessons                                              

    -Internet Safety Classroom lessons                                          

    -Services are not confidential 








    -Family issues


    -Grief support


    -Social skills concerns


    -Significant Behavioral issues  


    -Social/emotional support for any mental health issues/diagnosis such as: Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, ODD, etc.   


    -Individual and/or Small Group sessions


    -Classroom lessons for personal safety


    -Addresses concerns of self-harm


    -Services are confidential


    -With signed Release of Information, can collaborate with outside agencies