• Hello Everyone! I'm Mrs. Uylaki! I am a kindergarten teacher here at Lake Street Elementary in beautiful Crown Point, Indiana!  This is my 6th year on kindergarten and I LOVE IT! THe kindergarten team is working very hard to make sure we do a thorough job through distance learning. Students should have ALL art supplies, their "book bucket" books for READ TO SELF, and a math tool bag with math manipulatives to help solve problems. 



    *Here is our schedule that we will follow throughout the week. All of your children have their own "clip chart"schedule that they can clip down with the tiny clothespin as they finish their assignments and they can see how much they've gotten done and how much they have left! These were in their red folder.

    *WE WILL NOT ZOOM ON WEDNESDAYS. I will post an "open Zoom" link on Wednesdays from 2-3pm and those will be my office hours, and you guys can pop in if you have any questions. But this is not scheduled. 

    *Your child will have specials! You will have to go to folder in BUZZ (ex: crayons for ART.) Just follow the schedule below to know which one to attend that day. Some will be LIVE ZOOMS and some will be videos that they have recorded. Please try to make it to these. We scheduled our own Zoom Calls around them. I will also post their zoom link in my agenda if you're totally lost. They may have other instructions in those folders along with the videos, but I cannot see that from my end.


    Schedule for RED

    Here is a link to my YOUTUBE channel where I keep all of my videos. Mrs. Uylaki's Youtube Channel. You probably wont need to use it, but there are old sight word videos on there that the kids might like. Also there is information on how to have your kids How to Sound Out a CVC Word, which is a helpful strategy.

    Here is how you will access your daily specials



    My family!