STATEMENT OF BELIEF – The Board of School Trustees requires all students enrolled in the Crown Point School Corporation to attend school regularly in accordance with Indiana Code 20-8.1-3-17.2., the education program of CPHS is predicated upon the presence of the student and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. The regular contact of students in the classroom and their interaction with one another in a well-planned instructional activity under the tutelage of a competent teacher are vital to the educational process. Indiana Code 20-8.1-3-32 states that it shall be unlawful for a parent to fail to ensure that his/her child attend school as required. Therefore, students are expected to attend school every day. If a student must be absent, it is the parents’ responsibility to notify the school on the day of the absence and provide documentation. In accordance with Indiana Code 20-33-8-17, a student may be expelled from school if the student’s legal settlement is not in the attendance area of the school corporation where the student is enrolled.
    Parents are strongly encouraged to regularly monitor their student’s attendance record via RDS Parent Access.


    Parents or guardians of any student who is experiencing a “chronic medical condition”, an illness which results in missing a considerable number of school days, will be required to contact the Asst. Principals’ office and their student’s guidance counselor to discuss options.


    1. Upon the third full day or single period absence of the semester, student and parent/guardian will be advised via letter home and/or email regarding the attendance concern and policy.
    2. Upon the fifth full day or single period absence of the semester, the assigned administrator will contact student and parent/guardian to review the attendance policy and expectations, and will outline possible disciplinary procedures.
    3. Upon the seventh full day or single period absence of the semester, the assigned administrator will schedule a meeting with the student and parent/guardian; other school personnel may be invited. Student will be placed on an Attendance Contract and stipulations for compliance will be outlined and may include: exclusion from participation in extra-curricular activities, driving to school, dances, work permit, and/or alternative to expulsion. 4. Upon the tenth full day or single period absence of the semester, the assigned administrator will work with Central Office, student, and parent/guardian to schedule an Attendance Waiver meeting and/or recommendation for expulsion; student may also be removed from course(s).

    The following absences would exempt a student from expulsion or continued absence concerns:

    1. Service as a page in the Indiana General Assembly
    2. Service on a precinct election board on Election Day
    3. Subpoena to appear in court
    4. School-sanctioned field trips
    5. Required religious observances
    6. Death in immediate family
    7. College visits, two per year – Seniors and Juniors only (Juniors may seek additional visits with approval from Guidance Counselor)
    8. Military examinations
    9. Other emergencies and unusual circumstances as approved by administration. These absences are exempt​ and require appropriate documentation brought to school immediately following the absence.


    Daily attendance at school and practice is expected of all students involved in extracurricular activities. Students must be in attendance in order to be considered eligible to participate in an event that day. Attendance at school the day following an evening event is always expected. Habitual school absences following an evening event will be subject to disciplinary action.
    Exceptions are absences that have been excused by the school administration for such activities as field trips, attendance at funerals, school visitations, workshops, etc.


    All students who arrive late to school must sign/scan in with the Main Office. Students are considered absent from a class if they are more than 10 minutes late. Parents are advised to call 663-4885 (option #1) cphsattendance@cps.k12.in.us if their student will be late 10 minutes or more to school.


    A student may be expelled if it is determined that the student’s legal settlement is not in the attendance area of Crown Point High School.


    Appointments, such as doctor, dentist, orthodontist, or counseling, should be made outside the school day. If a student must leave during the day, the student should present a written request from the parent or guardian to the Asst. Principal’s office before the first bell in the morning. If a note is not presented and the request is arranged by telephone or email with the Asst. Principal’s office staff, the parent/guardian must sign the student out in person. This procedure is strictly enforced to secure the safety and well-being of your child.


    The school discourages students from taking family trips/vacations during the school year. Be advised that negative academic consequences are likely to occur due to absences. Participation in classroom discussions and activities will be missed and the burden will be placed on the student to complete make up work. All absences due to vacations shall be counted toward the student’s total number of absences. If there is a need for a prearranged absence, parents should send a note to the Asst. Principal’s office advising of the student’s absence at least five (5) days in advance of the proposed absence. The note should include the reason for the absence and number of days the student will be out of school. This request will be forwarded to administration for approval. Prior to leaving, it is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with individual teachers for work that will be missed during the pre-arranged absence.
    Final exams will not be taken early unless pre-approved by a CPHS administrator.


    The parent of any student has the duty and responsibility to notify the high school of each student’s absence prior to 9:00 a.m. on the day of the absence. When an illness exceeds the initial time indicated, the parent shall again notify school officials.
    Parents may call or email 24 hours a day to report an absence:
    Parents/Guardians should call: (219) 663-4885, option#1 or email: cphsattendance@cps.k12.in.us
    When reporting an absence, the parent should give the following information:

    Name of caller and relationship to student
    2. Student’s name and grade in school
    3. Reason for absence
    Students are expected to submit documentation for exempt absences the day they return to school.


    Regular and prompt school attendance is necessary both in the development of students responsibility and in the achievement of academic success. Students are expected to be in their assigned classroom when the bell sounds at the start of each class. Tardiness per semester/per class will be handled with a progressive disciplinary approach.
    1. Tardies 1-2 will result in a verbal warning from the teacher and the tardy will be documented in the student’s attendance record in RDS.
    2. Tardies 3-6 will result in a one-hour detention being assigned by the teacher for each. Failure to serve a detention will result in suspension.
    3. Tardies 7+ will be referred to an administrator for assignment of disciplinary action that may include: exclusion from participation in extra-curricular activities, driving to school, dances, removal from the course, alternative to expulsion options, suspension, and/or recommendation for expulsion.


    1. If a student is late for school due to delays caused by school bus transportation, the student will receive a pass from the Main Office.
    2. If a student uses private transportation and is late to school, the tardy or absence is not excused. Refer to Attendance Policy for consequences.


    A student who leaves the building without prior permission, who remains in the school building but who misses class time without permission, or who refuses to attend school in defiance of parental/guardian authority will be considered truant; this includes the student and/or parent fraudulently (not) reporting an absence. Crown Point High School will be cooperating with the Lake County Juvenile Court System addressing students with truancies.
    1. Upon the first referral for full day or single period truancy, the student and parent/guardian will be contacted by a CPHS
    administrator and student will be issued an in-school suspension.
    2. Upon the second referral for full day or single period truancy, a required meeting will be convened with school personnel,
    student, and parent / guardian. The student will be assigned a suspension. Students may be excluded from participation
    in extra-curricular activities, driving to school, dances, and/or alternative to expulsion options.
    3. Upon the third referral for full day or single period truancy, a required meeting will be convened with school personnel,
    student, and parent/guardian at which time student will be placed on an attendance contract or recommended for
    expulsion. Additionally, the student will be classified as a habitual truant and may have his/her name sent to the Indiana
    Bureau of Motor Vehicles and his/her driver’s license will be revoked for 120 days. A student who is under sixteen (16)
    years of age will not be allowed to obtain a license until the age of eighteen (18) or until he/she is no longer classified as a
    habitual truant. A student identified as a habitual truant is entitled to a review of his/her attendance record at least
    once a year to determine if attendance has improved so that he/she may become eligible for a license or permit.