Science Olympiad

    The 10 events that we compete in on March 22nd at Timothy Ball Elementary:



    1.  Aerodynmics – make and fly a paper airplane (hang time is calculated)


     2. Clay Boats – make a clay boat that floats and can hold “cargo”


    3.  Cylinder Race – build a racer made from cans and rubber bands

     4.  Egg Drop – design and build a holder for a raw egg to be dropped             


    5.  Mystery Powders – identify up to seven unknown powders using testing


    6.  Paper Columns – build the sturdiest paper column structure to hold
                                  books on top


    7.  Paper Rockets – make and launch a paper rocket at a target
                                  4 meters away


    8.  Reflection Relay – direct a light beam reflected on three mirrors
                                        to a target


    9.  Straw Structures – build the tallest self-supporting straw structure


     10.  Zowie Metrics – use estimation skills to find various metric units

    The team members know in advance which events they will be competing within. 
    Each member of the team competes in two events.