• Holiday Wreath Sale

    Posted by Tom Reed at 9/28/2017

    To see pictures and prices for these beautiful greens,




    wreath sale


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  • It is NOT too late!

    Posted by Tom Reed at 9/19/2017

    It's Not Too Late . . . . 

    • to gain confidence
    • make a difference
    • meet people and make new friends
    • be part of the community
    • learn new skills
    • take on a challenge
    • have fun!

    Volunteer for an hour, an evening or a day!  Studies show that student's of parents who volunteer are more likely to achieve more, have a positive school outlook, and have higher self esteems. Make a Difference - Volunteer Today!


    Below are the committees and their chairs. A quick call will make the difference!  

    Committee              Chair Person                               Phone Number                                    Email                      

    Patron Drive             Diane Burrell                                219-545-4737                                       kens-mom@comcast.com

    Wreath Sale              Kathy Gellinger                            219-308-2375                                       kathygellinger@yahoo.com

    A Noteworthy Night   Kathy Gellinger/Jennifer Ritter      219-308-2375/219-776-2480     kathygellinger@yahoo.com /ritter12635@comcast.net

    Flower Sale              Carrie Thornberry/Jennifer Ritter                        /219-776-2480                                           /ritter12635@comcast.net

    Awards Banquet       Laura Cavanaugh/Kris Reed           219-669-4994/219-682-4079              Iscav@mac.com/reed12921@gmail.com

    Spirit Wear              Laura Cavanaugh/Jennifer Ritter     219-669-4994/219-776-2480             Iscav@mac.com/ritter12635@comcast.net

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