• Welcome to the Winfield's art room. 

    We are fortunate at to be able to provide a variety opportunities to our young artist. Our students work with watercolor paints, tempera paints, clay, plaster, weaving, crayons, oil pastels, chalks while learning about artists and artist's styles. 
    The art room has smocks available for students to use.  They are encouraged to bring their own smock and keep it in their lockers so it is available on painting, printing, plaster and clay days. 
    Sept.- Design/drawing crayon, marker and crayon/watercolor resist.
    Oct.- Painting tempera and florescent paints.
    Nov.- Cultural projects
    Dec.-Print making sewing/weaving
    Jan.- Clay
    Feb.- Other sculpture media 
    March- Water color painting
    April- Construction paper constructions
    May- Relief construction.
    June-  Drawing
    We have 3 art teachers.  This year I have Miss Cholodinski's , Mrs. Parkhouse's, Mrs. Lachowicz's and Mrs. Taylor's second grade classes as well as Mrs. Giesler's and Mrs. Cundiff's 1st grades.