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Exceptional Education

The Department of Exceptional Education is committed to supporting students with disabilities.  We ensure that eligible students are provided a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.
Our offices are located at the CPCSC Administration Building, 1050 S. Main St. We are available at 219-663-3371.


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Inclusion News

CPCSC Accessibility Statement

We are committed to ensuring that our educational environments, materials, and websites are accessible, equitable, usable to everyone, and intentionally designed to reduce barriers. All learners can engage in rigorous and meaningful learning. 

We continually strive to be fully adapted to the highest accessibility standards. If you require additional support or have a suggestion about accessing materials, information, or technologies at Crown Point Community School Corporation, or would like to provide feedback, please get in touch with us.

Child Find

Child Find is a program to identify, locate and evaluate all children who are suspected of having a disability.  Any individual (parent, teacher, principal) that suspects a child may have a disability and could benefit from special education services should initiate a referral by contacting the building principal.  You may also contact the Department for Exceptional Learners directly at 219-663-4330.
Crown Point Community School Corporation:
  1. establishes, maintains, and implements written procedures that ensure the location, identification, and evaluation of all students three (3) years of age, through twenty-two (22) years of age, and who are in need of special education and related services, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, including students who:
  2. who reside within the boundaries of the Crown Point Community School Corporation;
  3. attend a non public school, are served by an agency, or live in an institution located within the jurisdiction of the public agency:
  4. are homeless as defined at 511 IAC 7-32-46;
  5. are wards of the state;
  6. are highly mobile students, including migrant students;

Furthermore, the CPCSC Department of Exceptional Learners, in meeting its child find responsibilities:

  1. accepts referrals from all agencies;
  2. accepts referrals from parents;
  3. informs local physicians about CPCSC’s responsibility to serve preschool children;
  4. informs all major child care providers about the referral process;
  5. accepts referrals from private schools; and
  6. provides referral information to local elementary schools.

State Documents & Info

You can find more documents and information, including resources in other languages, on the state's Office of Special Education Website.

Article 7 - Indiana's special education rules

Companion Guide to Article 7

Procedural Safeguards - rights of parents with a child who has or may have a disability

Audits and Reports

Dept. of Exceptional Education Staff

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Heather Paskis

Director of Exceptional Education

Kelly Oost

Assistant Director of Exceptional Education

Andrea Avila

Coordinator Elementary Exceptional Education

Dominique Bowman


Mary Jo Brown


Bethany Buckner

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Julianne Delano

Speech Language Pathologist

Christina Drechsel

Coordinator Secondary Exceptional Education

Rachael Dunlap

Occupational Therapy

Shaun Dunn

Secretary - Exceptional Education

Julia Edwards


Kristy Elsey

Assistant Director of Elementary Education

Jennifer Engel

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Emily Fallon

Voc Driver and Job Coach

Audrey Fields

Occupational Therapist

Tracilyn Haddad


Jessica Heighway


Holly Hume

Secretary - Exceptional Education

Nikolina Medina-Magana

Speech Pathologist

Brigette Pack