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Curriculum & Instruction

Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction! Our mission is to support teaching and assessing of learning in all CPCSC schools. 

Our department:

  • Advocates for the educational needs of all students, teachers, and staff members.
  • Leads instructional change and innovation to suit the needs of our learners and teachers.
  • Trains our teachers and staff members in systematic and meaningful ways.
  • Assures alignment of our resources, programming, and initiatives to the goals of the school corporation.
  • Serves as a responsible steward of our school corporation’s instructional resources.
  • Coordinates, disseminates, and analyzes student assessments.
  • Utilizes technology to further the learning of all students and teachers.
  • Provides accountability to state/federal mandates and programs, as well as our community’s high standards and expectations.

Curriculum & Instruction News

Curriculum & Instruction Staff

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Jim Hardman

Director of Grants and Assessment

Heather Paskis

Director of Exceptional Education

Sabrina Ramirez

Director of Secondary Education

Mark Gianfermi

Assistant Superintendent

Jacob Adams

Secondary ELA Instructional Specialist

Joe Bysiek

Elementary Math Instructional Specialist

Janna Carney

District Media Coordinator

Nicholas Ciochina

Director of Elementary Education

Kendra Daves

Secretary & Child Care

Lawanda Duvall

Secretary - Safety & Security, Secondary Curriculum
1 2 3 > showing 1 - 10 of 21 constituents