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What do you ask an astronaut?

If you’re a Jerry Ross student, you’re treated every few years to a visit from Colonel Jerry Ross himself. And that means you get to meet an astronaut. 

This week, Colonel Ross visited students at Jerry Ross Elementary. Before the school day even began, students came dressed in red, white, and blue. They brainstormed questions for Mr. Ross, and many of the students have already read his book for elementary children, Becoming a Spacewalker

Audible gasps could be heard from students as he entered each classroom to say hello. Eyes were wide and smiles abundant. After all, it’s not every day that someone who built a space station just stops by. Students were treated to a presentation from Mr. Ross via Zoom that they watched in their classrooms, with a Q&A session that followed.

But what in the world do you ask a man who has literally been out of this world? 

Some of the questions from our students are below. They were both heartwarming and imaginative. It reminded us that no matter how long we’ve been out of elementary school, we’d all love to spend the morning visiting with an astronaut.

  • What does it feel like to go into space, and what does zero gravity feel like?

  • What is the most amazing thing you saw in space?

  • Did you like math in school?

  • Is space hot or cold?

  • How long were you an astronaut? (When Mr. Ross answered this student with a range of years, she did the mental math to correctly announce “32!”)

  • Did anyone ever tell you that you wouldn’t be able to do the things you’ve accomplished?

  • What was your favorite astronaut food?

  • How hard was it to get into the space program?


Mr Ross in front of room

Mr. Ross visits a fourth grade classroom at Jerry Ross Elementary.


students in line at library

Students line up in the library to ask Mr. Ross questions after his Zoom presentation.


Mr Ross signing a book

Mr. Ross signs a student's copy of "Becoming a Spacewalker"


Mr Ross smiles at computer that teacher is holding for him

Mr. Ross says hello to a student who joined class virtually today.


questions written on poster in child's writing

Student questions brainstormed in preparation for Mr. Ross's visit.


jerry ross walking through halls

Mr. Ross walks past his own photo in the hallway while visiting classrooms.


leah giggling

Jerry Ross student Leah giggles with Mr. Ross when he tells her that his favorite astronaut food was cookies.


student with book

Many Jerry Ross students had their "Becoming a Spacewalker" books at their desks today.

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