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NWEA Testing
nwea infographic with quick facts


In the fall of 2021, CPCSC will begin using NWEA. NWEA is a test that measures student learning and progress. The most important feature of NWEA is that it provides information about how each specific student is growing throughout the course of a year.

No test can measure all parts of student learning, and no test should ever be used as a single measurement of student performance. NWEA gives teachers just another powerful tool in their teaching toolbox. They can plan lessons and learning experiences that meet each student’s unique needs. The data from NWEA is shared with parents so they can collaborate with teachers to understand and support their child’s progress.

Unlike some standardized tests where every student is answering the same questions in the same order, NWEA test questions respond to students. Questions move up or down in difficulty, depending on whether the student answers questions correctly. No two tests are the same, which means the data provides a great picture of students as individuals. 

NWEA Quick Facts:

  • The NWEA test is given in fall, winter, and spring each year. Your child’s teacher or principal will be in touch about the exact dates.

  • CPCSC plans to use NWEA in grades K-10 to measure reading, language use, and math skills. 

  • NWEA tests are 45 minutes long. They will replace Star Early Literacy, mCLass Reading, and Star Math used by the district in previous years.

  • Student grades are not impacted by NWEA. We ask that students try their best, but there is no penalty or incentive based on scores.

  • Parents and guardians will receive a Family Report that summarizes their child’s test scores and growth.

  • NWEA does not replace tests that are required by the State of Indiana (like iLearn) or college entrance tests (like the SAT or ACT).

You can find more information about NWEA on their Family Toolkit website. If you have questions about how CPCSC will use NWEA, please reach out to our Department of Curriculum and Instruction.



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