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December 2022 Board Meeting Recap

December 2022's board meeting agenda can be found on Board Docs. This month's meeting was not livestreamed.

  • Board of School Trustees Resolution of Commendation Awards
    • 2022 Corporation Christmas Card Design - Tess Flanagan, 5th grader at Eisenhowr Elementary School, winning design for front of card; and Mya Hall, 4th grader at Timothy Ball Elementary School, runner-up design for back of card
    • Crown Point High School Spell Bowl Team for placing 1st in Class 1 in Lake County at the 2022 Senior Spell Bowl Competition - Team: Therese Cunanan, Enverlyn Nguyen, Sampreethi Swaminathan, Sophia Rubio, Datelyn Coy, Sarah Leitzel, Tiffany Didimakon, Hannah Jordan, Mrunank Patil, Adam Fucela Coach: John Lambersie
    • Mr. Thomas K. Hoffman (20.5 yrs.) and Mr. David Warne (8.5 yrs.) for dedication and exemplary service on the Board of School Trustees for Crown Point Community School Corporation
  • Consent Agenda item: Approval for course additions - Crown Point High School 2023-2024
    • Science: Principles of Healthcare
    • Industrial Technology: Mass Media Production
    • Industrial Technology: Precision Machining Capstone
    • Industrial Technology: Construction Trades Capstone
    • Industrial Technology: Automotive Trades Capstone
    • Business: Finance and Investment
    • Business: Digital Marketing
  • Consent Agenda item: Personnel report
    • Approval to hire Matt Ruess as Chief Financial Officer
    • Approval to pay annual Teacher Appreciation Grants (TAG) to teachers and teacher-like positions
  • Bus Bid Award - approval to purchase 3-72 passenger buses, one 36 special needs passenger bus with wheelchair, and one 36 special needs passenger bus. Kerlin Bus Sales was the lowest overall bidder.
  • Information/Recognition Items
    • Director of Elementary Education – it is heartwarming to see how many of our students support one another, especially at the holiday season. It’s very powerful to witness their generosity and shows what it means to be part of the Crown Point community.
    • Director of Secondary Education – The Indiana Department of Education is adding a new performance dashboard for schools later this week. It is a comprehensive overview of graduation and corporation information. Holiday concerts at CPHS this year were fantastic as usual. Thank you to teachers and students who put so much effort into these events.
    • Director of Exceptional Education – Yearly special education grade (called Results Driven Accountability) from IDOE gave us the highest rating available. This is a big accomplishment; thank you to the many individuals who support our students so we can achieve this measurement!
    • Chief Human Resources Officer – We have a great partner with the Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for the many levels of support they provide throughout the year to our teachers. Merrillville Rotary hosts a Clothing Our Children fundraiser, which has been a commitment for many years. They provide gift cards for families who need clothing in the winter months. Another thank you to our teachers who are new to Crown Point this year. We are approaching the end of the first semester and new teachers indicate they feel supported. Thank you to all of them for continuing to make this corporation a great place to work and a great place for students.
    • Business Office – Thank you, from a parent’s perspective, to Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Warne for their years of service.
    • Director of Communications – Thank you to Brian Trapp, Dan White, and Matt LeBlanc for showing their classrooms to our community ambassador group last week.
    • Superintendent of Schools – Thank you to staff, students, and parents over the last few weeks during our technology challenges. As I walked through buildings, it was clear learning and instruction has continued at the same high expectations. Thanks to parents for being patient as we navigate this. Thank you to Bryan Gill and his team who have worked tirelessly in the past few weeks. They have worked every day, 7 days a week, and I appreciate Bryan’s leadership.
  • Other Business of the Board of School Trustees
    • Reorganization meeting for the new board will be held Thursday, January 5th at 7:30 a.m.
  • Board Statements of Appreciation and Recognition
    • Mr. Smith – Happy holidays to everyone here. Welcome again Tim and Danielle as new board members. Thank you to Tom and David for their service. You have both served your community well. Dave has served with humility and has led the board in working together as its President. In four and a half years, there has been a lot of change in the district. Mr. Smith read a two page list of those changes.
    • Mr. Babjak – Thank you to Tom for his leadership and mentoring over the years. Thank you to Dave for leading the board in the way he has, for bringing the board together.
    • Mr. Hoffman – Proud to say we have possibly the best school district in Indiana, and thank you to the community for many years of support.
    • Mr. Angel – Thank you to Diana Green for keeping all of the board members in line, for her planning and communication. Thank you for your constant efforts in making sure the board moves forward.
    • Mr. Warne – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Thank you to all of the other board members. Echoed Dr. Terrill’s advice to staff from the beginning of the school year: take care of students and everything else will fall into place.

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