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CPHS Business Professionals of America Attend Conference

Students from Crown Point High School’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) chapter competed at the State Leadership Conference in Indianapolis on March 12-14. The conference included an estimated 1,200 delegates from across the state to vie for top honors in business, finance, technology, marketing, and health administration skills competitions. Students attended leadership seminars and received awards for community service activities and competitive events. 

34 students from Crown Point High School’s BPA chapter attended the conference and competed in various events. Winning categories included:

  • #1 Financial Analyst Team: Marko Nastovich, Tristin Smith, Miles Warren
  • #1 Jacob Boron: Python Programming and Computer Network Technology tested events
  • #1 Adam Fucela: Advanced Word Processing
  • #1 Harris Proudman: Advanced Accounting
  • #2 Lily Wilson: Fundamental Accounting
  • #3 Fundamental Accounting: Aidan Jaworski
  • #4 Harris Proudman: Payroll Accounting
  • #4 Parliamentary Procedure Team: Ari Bairaktaris, Jake Baumann, Mason Erbini, Panagiotis Mattingly, Calum McCaskill, Parker Niksch, Trent Tillich
  • #4 Small Business Management Team: Alex Emmanoilidis, Xavier Maa, and Jacob Neff
  • #4 Health Leadership Special Topics: Alex Emmanoilidis
  • #5 Global Marketing Team: Lydia Aldubbein, Colleen Kozlowski, Audrey Macek
  • #6 Human Resource Management: Savannah Fields
  • #6 Graphic Design Promotion: Audrey Macek
  • #8 C++ Programming: Jerzy Mayer
  • #9 Advanced Office Systems & Procedures: Adam Fucela
  • #10 Health Administration Procedures: Jasmine Appiah

Jerzy Mayer was installed as Region 1 President. Students in the top 3 in team events qualify for nationals, and the top 5 in individual events. Lily Wilson and Jacob Boron have elected to proceed to the national competition in Anaheim next month 

“This is our largest group that qualified for state, and we are so excited. I am so proud of their tenacity and spirit. I believe they are truly preparing themselves to be business professionals of the future,” said Mary Bachnak, advisor and teacher. BPA students hope to build a strong team of enthusiastic business leaders and continue the legacy of success of the BPA group at CPHS. 

Students competing at SLC this year included: Brooklyn Adams, Lydia Aldubbein, Jasmine Appiah, Ari Bairaktaris, Jake Baumann, Jacob Boron, Carmen Chaidez, Shane Dorsey, Alex Emmanoilidis, Mason Erbini, Savannah Fields, Adam Fucela, Aidan Jaworski, Dana Jorgenson, Colleen Kozlowski, Xavier Maa, Audrey Macek, Eliana Malkinos, Panagiotis Mattingly, Jerzy Mayer, Calum McCaskill, Xzavier Menchaca, Ariel Moore, Marko Nastovich, Jacob Neff, Parker Niksch, Harris Proudman, Tristin Smith, Trent Tillich, Emma Vandenburgh, Jordan Wake, Miles Warren, and Lily Wilson.

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