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CPCSC Celebrates Unified Game Day!

We hosted our annual Unified Game Day this morning! Ask someone about this event and they will likely explain that it’s a track and field day for exceptional learners and their peers. But the magic of this event is what takes place in the downtime, in the moments when student athletes aren’t competing. It happens while students are lining up for the parade, dancing together with the CPHS band playing. It’s during lunch when students have a picnic and share some ice cream. It’s parents meeting paraprofessionals and Best Buddies they’ve heard about from their kids all year. It’s a reflection of the immense amount of work our staff have done to improve inclusion in our schools.

We have come a long way in the last three years to improve inclusion, but there’s always more work to do. We’ve made strides in the number of exceptional learners who spend less time in self-contained rooms and more time with their peers. We’ve improved our professional development and hired diagnosticians, behavior specialists, social workers, speech pathologists, coordinators and more teachers (and we’ve added more positions for next year).

CPCSC remains committed to inclusion, and we’re thankful for the support our community has shown as we’ve grown programs and made big changes. Thank you, CP!

You can find more photos from today’s Unified Game Day at this link:


students run on the track with encouragement from teacher in background


students and staff walk on track at football stadium. One person is pushing a wheelchair and everyone is smiling.


students play with parachute while peers run underneath it

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