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CPCSC Celebrates 24 Retirements!

Crown Point Community School Corporation would like to congratulate and thank 24 retirees who have dedicated their careers to serving students. This year’s retirees have a combined 551 years of service! While each of them will be missed, we wish them happy retirements filled with family and friends.

  • Catherine Adank - Transportation, 23 years
  • Laura Andrews - Col. John Wheeler Middle School, 15 years
  • Karen Cox - Crown Point High School, 44 years
  • Michael David - Crown Point High School, 39 years
  • Cynthia Dewes - Crown Point High School, 23 years
  • Cheryl Emery - Administrative Service Center, 15 years
  • Kevin Fricke - Taft Middle School, 39 years
  • Karen Gawor - Eisenhower Elementary, 22 years
  • Anita Griffith - Winfield Elementary, 20 years
  • Lisa Hanlon - Crown Point High School, 12 years
  • Shari Hodorowicz - Eisenhower Elementary, 28 years
  • Amy Jacobs - Jerry Ross Elementary, 13 years
  • Jack Koonce - Administrative Service Center, 11 years
  • Janna Flatt - Eisenhower Elementary, 23 years
  • Alice Llanos - Transportation, 7 years
  • Kathleen Lucht - Eisenhower Elementary, 36 years
  • Linda Muir - Jerry Ross Elementary, 32 years
  • Donna Nadolski - Taft Middle School, 32 years
  • Patricia Rivera - Col. John Wheeler Middle School, 6 years
  • Ruth Schramm - Administrative Service Center, 28 years
  • Sheryl Schoedel - Taft Middle School, 35 years
  • Sheri Tokoly - Administrative Service Center, 18 years
  • Monica Vasquez - Transportation, 4 years
  • Brenda Yothment - MacArthur Elementary, 25 years

At our annual retirement breakfast, principals shared memories and congratulations for the retirees who chose to attend.

Karen Cox has been an art teacher for 45 years. In her retirement, she plans to enjoy time as a professional artist specializing in watercolor, acrylic, oils, and mixed medium. She also hopes to travel and teach art workshops throughout the United States. During her career, Karen developed a discipline-based arts-education program for the district. She said one of the best experiences was working with her daughter, and she is also proud of the many students who have received art scholarships over the years.

Anita Griffith has served the district for 18 years in the roles of secretary and treasurer at Winfield Elementary. Upon retiring she plans to move closer to her children and spend time with her grandchildren. One of her favorite memories was when Winfield Elementary had a hug line in the office at the beginning of the day. Kids would get off the bus and head straight to the office to get their morning hug. Principal Jillian Alonzo said “Anita has been my person, like a mom to me. We are not sure how we will replace her.”

Linda Muir has worked for 31 years as a media paraprofessional at Winfield and Jerry Ross Elementary Schools. She says she has no big plans for retirement. She just wants to spend more time with her mom and her grandkids and work out at the gym. Linda said her career is filled with great memories like meeting Jerry Ross for the first time, hosting author and illustrator visits, and seeing the happy faces of students and staff when they see new books in the library or at the Book Fair. She said she has worked with several teachers that she had as students, and it's been great watching them go from an elementary school student to an elementary school teacher.

Janna Flatt is a teacher at Eisenhower Elementary and has been with the district for 23 years, teaching first grade and kindergarten. She and her husband plan to travel. They enjoy camping, and they want to spend extra time with their granddaughters. Janna has felt fortunate to work with a great team of teachers who are also her friends. She's so glad she picked teaching as a career - it has had its challenges, but she was never bored and the relationships and memories made are irreplaceable

Kathleen Lucht is an elementary teacher at Eisenhower and has been with the district for 36 years. She plans to travel and spend time with her family. She's thoroughly enjoyed building relationships with students and watching them flourish throughout the years. Some of Kathleen’s favorite memories are incubating eggs, learning about chicks, and watching the kids perform the USA programs throughout the years.

Michael David is from Crown Point High School and has taught math and chemistry for 39 years. He plans to spend quality time with his family - without having to look at calendars - and traveling with his wife when she also retires. In June 2010, Mike was chosen by students as the faculty member to address the graduating class. He says he also appreciated the opportunity to be a leader in the teacher union for several years; it gave him the opportunity to meet teaching colleagues and administrators at all levels of the corporation.

Cheryl Emery was a secretary at Taft Middle School and at Central Office for 16 years. In her retirement, she is a full time realtor and visits her granddaughter as much as possible. She said she has truly enjoyed working with everyone during her years at Crown Point Schools. It was a wonderful place to be.

Donna Noldoski worked for 32 years in the district as a seventh and eighth grade math teacher at Taft Middle School. She hopes to travel, visit family, do genealogy research, and garden in her retirement. Two dates she specifically remembers during her career are September 11, 2001, and March 23, 2020. All of her favorite memories from teaching have a common theme. They all involve feeling that she was part of the Taft family. Donna has a collection of sand that students brought her from their vacations over the years. She told them that when she retired, she would put the sand into a kiddie pool and walk around in it so she could say she’s walked in sand from beaches all over the world. She has indeed bought her pool.

Sheryl Schoedel has worked for 31 and a half years as a special education teacher at Taft Middle School. She says in her retirement she plans to do whatever she wants to do! In 2010 Cheryl made the transition from NISEC and was hired directly at Crown Point schools. She says whether her paychecks said NISEC or Crown Point, she has always been treated as family at Taft.

Kevin Fricke is retiring after 39 years as a custodian at Taft Middle School. Principal Tracy Seibert said if Kevin is the glue that keeps their school together, he’s done a great job because the current Taft needs a lot of glue! Director of Buildings and Grounds, Mike Malaski, said Kevin deserves all the credit even though he usually wants none. In his retirement, Kevin plans to travel, golf, and spend time with his family.

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