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Changes to Quarantine Policies - Sept. 1, 2021


An executive order signed this afternoon by Governor Holcomb (21-24) has changed requirements for close contact quarantines in schools. 

The requirements now state that in a classroom where everyone is wearing a mask, contact tracing must be conducted, but quarantines will not be required as long as a close contact does not develop symptoms. 

Beginning tomorrow, September 2, 2021:

  • We will continue to wear masks during the school day.

  • Contact tracing will be conducted for anyone within 3 feet of a positive case.

  • Close contacts will receive a call from the school nurse to monitor their symptoms for 14 days.

  • Close contacts must quarantine ONLY if they have or develop symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Any student who is currently quarantined and does NOT have symptoms may return to school on Thursday, September 2.


We apologize for the sudden changes after our message yesterday. However, it is our priority to keep students in the classroom. These changes help us do that.

Thank you for continuing to work with us throughout the school year.



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