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Board Meeting Summary - Jan. 23, 2023

You can find a copy of the agenda for this meeting at this link.



Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance

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Consent Agenda

Action Items

  • 4.01 Bank Reconciliation Adjustment of $61.26
  • 4.02 Purchase - Audio and Security Equipment: The purchase of necessary audio and security systems related to the constructions of several building projects slated to go operational in 2023.
  • 4.03 CPHS - Weight Room Equipment Project: Our estimated budget for this portion of the capital improvement project with contingencies was $375,000. The total amount of the bids was $302,885.
  • 4.04 New Taft Middle School - Water Main Extension Project: An additional part of the current capital improvement plan. We must provide water service to the new Taft Middle School, but American Water requires an increase in pipe size. This bid reflects the difference in the markup for the difference in pipe sizes, with future reimbursement from American Water for a portion of the total.
  • 4.05 Purchase - Jerry Ross/Winfield Furniture: This purchase will ensure that the furniture at Jerry Ross and Winfield best accommodates the needs of the two buildings as they move to K-5 learning environments.

Information/Recognition Items

  • 5.01 Superintendent's Discussion Groups: No representative has been appointed yet for Winfield, but we are in touch with Winfield officials to do this soon.
  • 5.02 Director of Elementary Education: We have been working to align our elementary schools over the past two years. This includes academics and extracurricular experiences for students: from honor society, to Lego and robotics clubs, to experiences hosted by our PTOs – our elementary schools do a great job of creating these environments for students. More information is on each school’s social media and in their newsletters.
  • 5.03 Director of Secondary Education: Robotics held their annual tournament this weekend with 67 teams in attendance. We have always had a chess club, but they are now competitive and just returned from a competition. One student was undefeated. Mr. Zemelko also recently took CPHS orchestra students on a trip to Chicago where they played during intermission at a Chicago symphony show. We are already planning now for the class of 2027: future freshman parent night will take place on Thursday night this week.
  • 5.04 Director of Exceptional Education: Exceptional learners basketball team begins their season this week. Each December 1st, we provide a count of students with IEPs to the Indiana Department of Education and we recently completed that count. At CPHS, we have a great partnership with Centier to co-teach lessons with our exceptional learners.
  • 5.05 Chief Academic Officer: Next Wednesday we have an e-learning day. Students will be doing asynchronous learning while teachers partake in professional development. Mr. Hardman reviewed some of the professional learning opportunities that teachers will have on this day.
  • 5.06 Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Ruess provided a very important update regarding the demographic study and data that affects the redistricting process. The short version: our district’s student population is not growing as quickly as many people may think. Understanding that slow growth and what drives it is important to understand the redistricting.
  • 5.07 Chief Human Resources Officer: Mr. Equihua also provided an update on the redistricting process in relation to staffing. We have done a lot of work in adding support service staff in recent years. These support services need the space we are adding through construction because we are limited in being able to best serve those students.
  • 5.08 Director of Communications: Our next Coffee & Conversation with Dr. Terrill will be February 9th at 9:30 a.m. at the Crown Point Library.
  • 5.09 Superintendent of Schools: Timothy Ball is ahead of schedule and teachers will begin moving in to classrooms mid-February. Dr. Terrill recognized the impressive work of students and staff alike at the robotics competition hosted at CPHS this weekend. The CPHS wrestling team also had an impressive match against Mount Carmel and one of our students sang the national anthem. We also appreciate the continued relationship we have with the City of Crown Point, and we were fortunate to provide some of their team with a tour last week at the new Taft site.

Other Business of the Board of School Trustees

  • Mr. Vassar provided an update on a bill that was introduced this legislative session at the Indiana Statehouse. Senate bill 305, if passed, would let families opt their children out of regular school enrollment and use the state funds that would have been spent. He will continue to monitor and provide updates to the board.
  • Mr. Smith asked the team to provide an update on the benefits of e-learning days. Mr. Hardman and Ms. Ramirez both gave some information about the importance of using these days to benefit our teachers and their professional development.

Board Statements of Appreciation and Recognition

  • Mr. Vassar: Thank you to our transportation staff for all of the work they do.
  • Ms. Bazin: Thank you to our cabinet members for sharing an update on elementary alignment.
  • Mr. Smith: Welcome Tim and Danielle to the board!
  • Mr. Angel: Thank you to Mr. Malaski, Mr. Katsouros from Skillman, Mr. Ruess and our administrative team for all of the work being coordinated with the construction projects.

Other recent news