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Board Meeting Recap September 2023

The agenda for the September 2023 board meeting can be found at this link.

Patrons' Comments – none

Consent Agenda

Action Items

  • Approval to apply for and receive the Title I, Part A: Helping Disadvantaged Children Meet High Standards: This grant provides money based on the number of students who are part of the free/reduced lunch program. Anticipated Title I schools will include MacArthur, Solon, Timothy Ball, and Jerry Ross.
  • Approval to apply for and receive Title II, Part A Supporting Effective Instruction: This is a professional development grant for teachers and other instructional staff. 
  • Approval to apply for and receive the Title III Language Instruction for Limited English Proficiency and Immigrant Students: This grant supports students who are English Language Learners, which is a growing group of students in Crown Point schools. Money is used for ELL instructional staff and resources.  
  • Grant Approval to apply for and receive Title IV, Part A Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant: includes funding for training, preparation, and development of elementary STEM curriculum and learning experiences to engage students in solving real-world problems using inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning, and engineering design practices.
  • Textbook and Resource Adoption, Elementary: books for the annual One Book: One School program include favorites such as Charlotte’s Web, Fenway and Hattie, and Stuart Little.
  • German Exchange Program and Out-of-Country Field Trip to Germany and Austria: June 2024 field trip for CPHS students who participate in an exchange trip designed and led by teachers at CPHS.
  • Approval to accept and receive the Secure and Safe School Grant: Money will be used for school resource officer salaries and new AEDs.
  • Memo of Understanding between CPCSC and Family Concern Counseling: We are adding to our counseling partnership services for opportunities to refer students to additional outside help.
  • Policy Revision - Policy 0167.3 Public Comment at Board Meetings: this policy removes requiring patrons to state their address before commenting, but they need to note their address and topic on the sign in sheet before the meeting. It replaces the word “participate” with “comment”. Patrons do not have to register their comments 72 hours in advance, but do have to sign up on the sheet before the meeting begins.

Information/Recognition Items

  • Director of Grants/Assessments – Indiana has provided a grant to support robotics teams throughout the state. We plan to apply for this grant to support our robotics teams and increase student participation.
  • Director of Elementary Education – Thank you to the curriculum and instructional specialists who support our teachers and help them problem solve. They are in our buildings every day to support instruction and provide coaching to teachers. Thank you to our new media specialist Janna Carney. Congrats to our 5th graders who participated in the district-wide cross country meet, which is organized by middle school cross country coaches.
  • Director of Secondary Education – CPHS held a college and career fair earlier this month, our 12th. We had students from multiple high schools in the area attend, where they could network with 82 colleges, unions, and other agencies. Parents also had the opportunity to attend financial aid sessions.
  • Director of Exceptional Education – last week families could learn about special needs trusts at a parent information night, which gave important information about financial decisions that some families need to consider for their exceptional learners. The department is hosting their first parent advisory group of the year soon. Thank you Dave Coulson, Marty Freeman, and Scott Kesslar for their help recently with an adult student who needed assistance.
  • Assistant Superintendent – Thank you to CPHS administration and the CTE teachers/staff for their continued expansion of our CTE programs and pathways. We have 24 CTE dual credit courses, and 17 complete graduation pathways for our students. Pathways include subjects like construction, finance, marketing, healthcare, education and more.
  • Chief Human Resources Officer – Thank you to our external stakeholders: Crossroads Chamber of Commerce, who helps with our teacher luncheon and outstanding educator awards. Merrillville Rotary who sponsors Clothing our Children for students K-12. Crown Point Lions Club who provided backpacks with school supplies for students experiencing homelessness.
  • Chief Financial Officer – Thank you to our technology staff for all of their work over the last year on many projects, including a new student information system and transitions during construction.
  • Director of Communication – Community Tour Night at Taft will be this week on Thursday from 4-6 p.m. Student ambassadors will lead tours for community members who would like to see the building.
  • Superintendent of Schools – Dr. Terrill gave a recap of the cybersecurity event from the previous year. This update provided a timeline of all the steps the district has gone through in the last 10 months.

Other Business of the Board of School Trustees

  • Ms. Bazin – a group of community members wanted to address and discuss issues with diversity in the district, and Ms. Bazin has been engaging in conversation with them. She will update the board as these conversations continue.
  • Mr. Angel – ISBA and IAPSS conference is coming up next week on Monday and Tuesday. November 8 will be the ISBA regional meeting

Board Statements of Appreciation and Recognition

  • Mr. Vassar – Thank you to our kitchen and food services staff for the work they do every day.
  • Ms. Bazin – The high school football game was an enjoyable experience; encourage families to attend. Thank you to Skillman for their continued hard work in all of our buildings.
  • Mr. Smith – The relationships between our students and school resource officers is always on display at events, and it is great to see the bonds that they have. Thank you to the many officers and City of Crown Point personnel who help direct traffic every morning and afternoon at our schools.
  • Mr. Angel - Thank you to Ms. Green and Mr. Gill for their preparation before board meetings every month.


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