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Board Meeting Recap October 2023

The agenda for board meetings can be found on BoardDocs. 


Public Hearing

  • Terms of the 2023-2025 CPCSC Agreement - the draft of the teacher contract is available on our website. Pending Friday’s final approval of the contract at 7:30 a.m. The final copy will be added to our website and the state’s Gateway system.

  • Patrons' Comments on Public Hearing Item - there were no patron comments regarding the special hearing/teacher contract. 

Patrons' Comments

  • Community member Brandon Miller spoke about student safety. 

Consent Agenda 


Action Items

  • Approve 2024 Budget Forms and Resolutions - the board adopted the proposed budget, capital project plan, bus replacement plan, and forms/resolutions as discussed at the public hearing previously held on October 13th. 

  • Health and Dental Insurance Changes - Mr. Ruess will be visiting every building to discuss the changes to the health insurance plan that will begin in 2024. We have not changed deductibles or premiums since 2015. Deductibles and premiums will increase in 2024.

  • Agreement with Garner Health Technology - this additional program is designed to cut costs for anyone on the district insurance plan. It will help mitigate the increase in deductibles and out of pocket maximums in 2024. Mr. Ruess will also provide information about this service at the building meetings throughout the next week.

  • Agreement with Boyce Systems - As we continue to replace RDS, we must find a new accounting/finance software. Boyce is a web-based system that will also support many of our HR department functions. We will implement it in either April or July depending on the data transfer process.

  • Donation for Crown Point High School Best Buddies - The Mangan family provided a donation of $8,441 to cover operating expenses of the CPHS Best Buddies club.

  • Approval to apply for and receive grant funds from the IDOE K-12 Robotics Grant - this is a new grant from the state of Indiana. This will help our already established robotics programs throughout the district specifically at local competitions. Approximately $47,000 is awarded through the program. 

  • Approval to apply for and receive grant funds from the IDOE Robots4Autism Grant - This grant of $51,600 includes two robots, social skills curriculum, and training opportunities for teachers. 


Information/Recognition Items

  • Policy Additions and Revisions - First Reading - As the district moves from NEOLA to ISBA for our board policies, we will have revisions to policies over the coming months. These are the more important policies to update before the start of the year. Mr. Equihua gave a summary of each policy. This is a first reading, so no action is taken at this time.

  • Director of Grants/Assessments  - Our before/after school childcare staff received important CPI training during the fall break.

  • Director of Elementary Education - Elementary schools are working on bullying prevention during the month of October. Career/College Go Week provided an opportunity for students to be aware of jobs after high school. We look forward to partnering with our families for parent/teacher conferences, which are coming up on Thursday this week. 

  • Director of Secondary Education - Please consider attending the musical coming up in November, Mary Poppins. The CPHS Auto Club held their annual Cars & Coffee event on Friday. Thanks to our staff who helped administer the PSAT at CPHS, which will also take place this week at Taft and Col. Wheeler.

  • Director of Exceptional Education - Thank you to the Mangan family for their generous donation to Best Buddies. Their family raised funds through a golf outing earlier this year. We will host open interviews for paraprofessionals on November 1st from 8 am to 4 pm at our Administration Center. On November 9th, we will begin new monthly training sessions for paraprofessionals called Exceptional Education University - EEU. These sessions will provide more support for paraprofessionals as they work with our students.

  • Assistant Superintendent - Be sure to attend Col. Wheeler’s band performance on Wednesday, “Spooktacular” in the new auditorium. 

  • Chief Human Resources Officer - Thank you to Jeanne Lange and Renee Rich in HR for all of their help as we moved buildings the last two weeks.

  • Chief Financial Officer - Thank you to the Business Office staff for their hard work during the move, as well as the Buildings and Grounds team.

  • Director of Communication - Thank you to Mrs. Colvin and her students for hosting Dr. Terrill and filming an episode of Super Things. We will have Coffee & Conversation next week on the 31st at 9 a.m. at the Administration Center.

  • Superintendent of Schools - Thank you to Mike Malaski and the Buildings and Grounds team for their work, and thank you to Dion Katsouros and Skillman for their continued work throughout the district. Thank you to Michelle Bunch and other CPEA leadership for their work during the negotiations process.


Board Statements of Appreciation and Recognition

  • Mr. Vassar - Kudos to Mike Malaski and staff for all the work that they do in all of our buildings. 

  • Ms. Bazin - Thank you to our teachers who are setting up and preparing for parent/teacher conferences, and thanks to parents for attending. 

  • Mr. Babjak - Thanks to all those involved in the negotiation process. It went smoothly this year on all fronts.

  • Mr. Smith - Recognized our multiple sports teams who have had successes this season

  • Mr. Angel - Recognized our football team for their undefeated season. 6:30 kick off this Friday.

Other recent news